Alia Bhatt and Pallavi Utagi come together to enable the choice of Guilt-Free Diapering with SuperBottoms

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Alia Bhatt and Pallavi Utagi come together to enable the choice of Guilt-Free Diapering with SuperBottoms

India’s leading sustainable Baby & Mom Care Brand, SuperBottoms has announced Indian superstar Alia Bhatt as its Investor & Brand Ambassador.

Furthering her bid on going “Aatma Nirbhar”, – Alia Bhatt is joining hands with Founder & CEO, Pallavi Utagi – the mother who’s revolutionizing the Baby & Mom Care industry in India, with quality innovation & empowering Parents to diaper their babies with 100% sustainable & organic cotton Cloth Diapers.

SuperBottoms has been leading the “Guilt Free Diapering” revolution in India – with the sole purpose of enabling Parents to make the Guilt-Free Diapering choice for their babies, and for the Planet. Powered by UNO, the 12HR Cloth Diaper, this mission presents Parents with the option to Ditch the Disposables – avoid plasticky diapers with harmful chemicals that are harsh on babies’ skin and on the environment – and Choose the Goodness of safe & sustainable Cloth Diapers.

Commenting on the same, Alia Bhatt said, “I believe in the power of a good story and the connect with SuperBottoms was instant. As a mother, I’m even more mindful that we owe our children a healthy planet and I’m so happy to partner with a fellow mom, whose vision of empowering conscious choices is aligned with my own. Their unique and innovative products prioritize safety and quality as much as sustainability, making it a truly guilt-free choice for all parents.”

In addition to being one of India’s biggest & most loved superstars, Alia has been an advocate of sustainable living and- is the perfect boost to SuperBottoms’ vision of curating a brand that is a dependable & valued Parenting Partner – focused on developing eco-friendly, skin-friendly & premium products for Moms & Babies.

Welcoming Alia into the SuperBottoms family, Pallavi Utagi, Founder & CEO said, “We are on Cloud No.9 to have Alia – who herself is a prominent voice championing conscious living – getting onboard our journey. Our entire raison d’être is to #MakeClothMainstream – Being a trustworthy Parenting Partner to every New Parent and help make Cloth Diapering their Go-To Choice. Innovation has made it possible to bring together the modern-day Convenience of Disposables with the age-old wisdom in the Goodness of Cloth. We could not have imagined a better Brand Ambassador for SuperBottoms than Alia – who not only shares our vision & values, but also personally trusts the brand for her baby. With her trust, love & support, we can see our vision turn into reality soon – where every household in the country will be able to forever bid goodbye to the menace of plasticky Disposables.”

SuperBottoms was born when Pallavi had her baby but didn’t want to settle for disposable diapers. She wanted something that would be gentle & safe for her son’s sensitive skin, while also being convenient for her, and something that would not choke landfills. By developing not just India’s, but the WORLD’s Simplest Ever Cloth Diaper – SuperBottoms created a product that brings together the Best of Both Worlds in one amazing UNO Cloth Diaper!

With its one-size-fits-all functionality, SuperBottoms UNO is also more cost-effective than Diapering with Disposables. They also cater to other diapering needs with their one-of-a-kind products like Dry Feel Langot, Diaper Pants, Potty Training Pants. Taking sustainable choices one step further with their MaxAbsorb™ Period Underwear & many such more products. SuperBottoms – India’s 1st & only CPSIA tested & Certified brand – has grown to be loved & trusted by 20 Lakh+ Parents, for being the go-to partner in their conscious parenting journey. Driven by one common goal – Leaving behind a better Planet than the one we inherited.

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