Bagrry’s launches exciting Superfood Granola range with Belgian Chocolate & Exotic Fruit variants

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To make mornings a delightful experience for us to pull through the entire day, Bagrry’s, a pioneering brand in breakfast cereals and health foods, that brought Oats, Muesli and Bran to India has launched the Superfood Granola in two exciting flavors for breakfast. 

Aditya Bagri, Director at Bagrry’s says, “At Bagrry’s, we work with some of the finest natural ingredients from across the world to make wholesome, naturally and innovative breakfast cereals. For over 50 years we’ve pioneered in bringing the legendary goodness of grains to our consumers. With our new superfood granola range, we’ve raised the bar in nourishment and indulgence with generously loaded granola with the finest natural superfoods. We’ve slowly baked this multigrain cereal to give it the perfect crunch along with power packed nutrition. Our granola works well in warm or cold milk, with Greek yoghurt or simply as a snack!”

With their two variants, Bagrry’s has both chocolate and fruit lovers covered. The delicious variants are Belgian Dark Chocolate & Almonds Granola and Exotic Fruits with Cranberries & Almonds Granola.

The Belgian Dark Chocolate & Almonds is an enhanced version of a classic double chocolate granola, popular across the globe. With appetizing richness and power-packed superfood goodness in every bite, one gets a wholesome dose of fibre-rich oats, Californian almonds and protein packed quinoa. The granola gets a delicious inclusion with Belgian dark chocolate, whole wheat, and crunchy rice flakes. This granola is made with 5 great grains along with 40% fibre oats and is 100% vegan & plant-based.

The Exotic Fruits with Cranberries & Almonds Granola, is a loaded with the finest fruits from across the world and nuts in one amazing breakfast cereal. Generously indulgent with over 30% fruits and nuts, it has luscious mangoes, strawberries, bananas, antioxidant rich cranberries, Arabian dates, and Californian almonds. Having a bowl of Bagrry’s superfood granola every morning gives a refreshing and nutrition packed start to the day. The other 40% is full of nourishing oats and protein-rich quinoa. In every single bite, you can feel the natural goodness and extra crunch of this superfood granola.

The Bagrry’s breakfast cereal range is natural, fibre rich, innovative, and honestly healthy.At Bagrry’s, quality is an obsession, and they strive for the best ingredients from across the world to make into the box of cereals. Bagrry’s has been a pioneer in India for introducing categories such as Muesli, Oats, Bran and the range now includes many more healthy foods such as Corn Flakes Plus (with 2X Fibre), Choco+, Whey Protein Muesli, Makhanas, Nut Butters and Superfood range comprising Quinoa, Chia seeds.

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