Cadila Healthcare Limited is now Zydus Lifesciences Limited

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Cadila Healthcare Limited is now Zydus Lifesciences Limited. The Zydus group announced its new brand identity with the listed entity of the group Cadila Healthcare Ltd. to be known as Zydus Lifesciences Ltd. The company’s new brand identity brings together two hearts in purple and teal colours symbolising its commitment to science and innovation alongwith care and nurturance. Building on a rich legacy of over 70 years in healthcare, the group is today one of the leading, innovation-driven, global lifesciences companies.

Heralding a bold new vision for the organisation, Mr. Pankaj R. Patel, Chairman, Zydus Lifesciences Ltd., said, “We have always believed in evolving and transforming ourselves in the ongoing quest to bring patient-centric solutions driven by science and innovation. With differentiated approaches, we have been addressing healthcare challenges globally, creating healthier communities. Reaffirming this commitment, we will continue to unlock new possibilities that can impact lives and empower people with life-changing discoveries.”

Sharing his insights on the new identity, Dr. Sharvil Patel, Managing Director, Zydus Lifesciences Ltd., said “Our new brand identity is a confluence of what we truly are. A global lifesciences company driven by the purpose of delivering care and nurturance for the patients, backed by the power of innovation, science and cutting edge technology. With these attributes close to our heart, we wish to make a meaningful difference in serving patients and communities. These pillars of care, compassion and commitment to innovation will remain at the heart of all that Zydus stands for.”

In the new logo, two hearts come together to enclose ‘us’ at the core. The heart represents the company’s inclusiveness. The Teal and Purple colours represent the pillars of science and care. While the dynamic teal expresses Zydus’ dynamism and stands for the company’s commitment to science, the purposeful purple stands for dedication to care and nurturance. The ‘us’ in the new Zydus logo represents all the stakeholders including employees, patients, doctors, investors, bankers, business partners, associates and all those who are an integral part of Zydus’ journey.

Zydus since its inception has been dedicated to finding innovative ways to help people with their unmet healthcare needs. The group has many first-in-India and first-in-the-world discoveries. The company was the first Indian Pharma company to bring an NCE from lab to

market,‘Lipaglyn’ to treat Diabetic Dyslipidemia. Bilypsa is also the first drug anywhere in the world to be approved for Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). Desidustat a novel oral small molecule hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase (HIF-PH) inhibitor for the anaemia in patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is awaiting approval from the DCGI. Malaria has been a scourge and the world has been battling this tropical disease which affects millions of people every year. Zydus in collaboration with MMV is developing ZY19489, a potential fast acting, single dose cure for Malaria. Besides this, ZYIL1, the company’s novel oral small molecule is an NLRP3 inhibitor candidate. Apart from NCEs, Zydus has a very robust pipeline for Biologics and Vaccines as well. The world’s first Plasmid DNA Vaccine for human use, ZyCoV-D is also a product of Zydus’ innovation. Twinrab is the first-of-its-kind novel biological entity for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis.

On a journey of growth since 1995, the group has been expanding its operations globally and is present in 55 countries worldwide, with 36 manufacturing plants, 8 R&D centres, 1400 research scientists and employs 23000 people worldwide.

With this new identity, the company has reaffirmed its Vision, Mission and Purpose, aligning itself to science, innovation and health.

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