CASE India celebrates one hundred and eightieth Anniversary and launches new equipment at CII EXCON 2021

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CASE India celebrates 180th Anniversary and launches new equipment at CII EXCON 2021.

CASE Construction Equipment, a brand of CNH Industrial, today celebrated its global legacy and heritage, spanning 180 years, at the 11th edition of International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair – CII EXCON 2021. The company launched an array of machines starting with the highly anticipated 770 NXe 49.5hp Loader Backhoe, together with the 770 EX Plus, 851 FX CP variant, 1107EX Soil Vibratory Compactor, CX220C LC-HD Excavator, and 845C Motor Grader.

On the occasion Mr. Fabrizio Cepollina, Vice President CNH Industrial Construction Segment in Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific AME and APAC, CNH Industrial, said“We are excited to be part of the biggest CE exhibition in South Asia, celebrating our 180 years of serving construction industries around the world and making a strong statement about future development with our new product launches. At CASE India, it has been our passion to deliver best quality for our customer in India as well as international customers. Our recently launched state-of-the-art Indian Technology Centre will significantly contribute towards developing smart, sustainable and technologically advanced equipment for India and export markets.”

Mr. Satendra Tiwari, Plant Head – CASE Construction Equipment said, “We are aligned with government of India’s ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Made in India’ campaigns and have worked extensively in increasing our focus on localizing our product range. Today, CASE India engineers, develops, and manufactures products for India and 30 other countries. Most of the equipment manufactured at our modern and technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Pithampur is 75% indigenous with locally sourced parts for fast pace large scale manufacturing. Our World Class Manufacturing plant produces a full range of world class Construction Equipment that will also include the newly launched machines, for a variety of markets.”

On the launch,Mr. Alok Jha, Director-Sales & Marketing, India & SAARC – CASE Construction Equipment said, “We are elated to participate in the EXCON trade fair, which is taking place after a long period of global turmoil. Going forward we are optimistic that Construction Industry in India is entering a sustained demand phase. We are taking this momentum introducing next generation machines to our range of products that are designed, developed, and manufactured in India. We are confident that CASE with new and existing products have a solid potential to be a trusted supplier of construction equipment to the world.”

CASE India displayed 10 models at the exhibition from its existing range of equipment, including a 952 EX and 450 DX Vibratory Compactors, and a 2050M Dozer. The brand also provided information about its offering of aftersales solutions and services. Representatives from the brand’s captive finance arm CNH Capital and other retail finance partners offering exciting finance offers for ease of purchase were on the stand to advise visitors. Additionally, CASE showcased the engine technologies that power its equipment in India and exports markets.

Product Details:

770 NXe Loader Backhoe:

The newly launched 770 NXe is a highly versatile Loader Backhoe from CASE that demonstrates a right balance between power and efficiency. The equipment features a cutting-edge Electro-Hydraulics variable displacement pump, coupled with the proven FPT S8000 49.5 hp engine that promises to deliver exceptional productivity in all applications without any compromise. The engine, designed and developed to offer higher productivity by CASE sister brand FPT Industrial, is known for its class leading torque delivery, which provides incomparable performance in tough loader applications with faster response time and high fuel efficiency.

The engine new generation hydraulics with Variable displacement pump optimized hydraulic oil flow according to the load improves fuel consumption, resulting in significant savings.  It also offers faster cycle time compared to a gear pump, thereby improving productivity on site. With the acclaimed CARRARO axle and transmission, the new 770 NXe is capable of handling loads up to 10 tons, ensuring better operations in any condition and reliability even in the toughest application.

The machine offers three working modes – ECO, STANDARD and POWER. The ECO mode delivers best fuel efficiency with a working reach of up to 22% as compared to EX series and lower maintenance cost of up to 12%, as compared to its counterparts. The STANDARD mode gives a perfect balance of fuel efficiency and productivity. The POWER mode offers increased productivity.

The machine is designed with the CASE DNA S-shaped boom that offers better reach on ground as well as on high body trucks, better transport height, and uninterrupted visibility. The Loader Backhoe’s a spacious cabin with ergonomically located controls provides a comfortable operator environment. The modern information cluster layout bristles with features such as the 12V power socket, electrical side shift lock, and Audio–visual alert system, keeping operator safety, comfort and convenience at the core.

CASE India has prioritized customer ease optimizing the machine layout for maintenance operations and providing easy access to all the main components with its signature tilt-able front engine hood.

CX220C LC Crawler Excavator:

CASE CX220C LC Excavator is marking a new chapter in the brand’s journey in India with the start of Excavator manufacturing at the Pithampur plant. The machine is designed to handle tough applications and is powered by a proven FPT engine to ensure high productivity with low fuel consumption. The CX220C LC is highly suitable for stone quarry, road works, general construction and earthwork. The 6-cylinder fuel-efficient FPT electronically controlled engine develops a gross power of 117 KW (157 hp) and peak torque of 622 Nm at 1800rpm. Additionally, the excavator comes with five energy saving controls & ECO. 

The CX220C LC Excavator comes with three available power modes as well as 10 auxiliary hydraulic settings. It offers an arm length of 1.9 m, 2.4 m and 2.9 m & 5.7 m boom length to cater to customer needs. Its 152kN Bucket & 132kN arm digging force ensures excellent productivity. Its 6.59 m dumping height ensures safe loading in a high body dumper. The CX220C LC-HD Excavator comes with a maximum travel speed of 5.6 km/hr and a swing speed of 11.5 rpm. The range of bucket sizes available are (0.94, 1.0, 1.1 cu.m) as per material density, application and customer requirements. 

The excavator is equipped with CASE India’s renowned Telematics system which provides real time updates related to the maintenance, tracking, utilization and security of the machine and sends real time alerts on fuel usage, battery, geo-fencing, engine etc.

The machine has proved its reliability, efficiency and versatility working on job sites in India in various conditions.

770 EX Plus and 851 FX Plus Centre Pivot (CP) Loader Backhoes:

CASE India’s Loader Backhoes are renowned in the industry for their quality and performance. The recently unveiled 770EX Plus Loader Backhoe is powered by a native AL H4C4 engine known for its excellent reliability and durability. The high torque electronic engine is acknowledged for its proved transmission and low downtime and is backed by a modern hydraulics system that provides more output per litre. The machine is operated in two auto selection modes: ECO mode and One Touch Idle mode, which improves fuel efficiency up to 6%. Moreover, the machine stands out for its low maintenance cost due to its class leading engine technology.

The versatile and highly dynamic 770EX Plus features a CEV Stage- IV , 74HP Engine ,new Variable Displacement Pump with optimum cycle time and high productivity. The highly versatile machine can be used with more than 25 attachments. The equipment comes with bucket options from 0.18 to 0.30 m3 along with high dump bucket of 4m and an extended hoe.

The brand has also introduced the 851 FX CP model, known for its FPT engine technology that generates 97 hp and delivers a class leading 453Nm torque. The 4WD option mans the machine is ready to conquer any kind of terrains, especially uphill and dozing applications. Case provide 0.4 Cum bulk loading & 0.3 Cum Standard bucket.

The advanced operator station is a spacious air conditioned cabin with near 360˚ visibility for higher productivity. It also offers an audio visual warning system with up to 25 warning signals along with electronic throttle knob, 12V power socket, and electrical side shift lock for ease of operation.

The 851 FX CP offers standard lifting hook for material handling like pipe laying, towing etc. For better manoeuvrability and loader productivity, it comes with a 2-inch increase in swing frame height. It also provides bucket options from 0.18 to 0.30 m3, a new BDB loader bucket and 0.4 cum excavator bucket.

1107EX (PD) Soil Compactors:

Leader in Vibratory Compactor, CASE offers a range of compactors for the domestic and global markets. The new Soil Compactor 1107EX features a standard drive and smooth drum for multi-purpose activities and standard compaction jobs. The 1107EX PD with pad foot drum and double drive is designed for compressing more cohesive materials. It also offers a 25 mm drum and turbocharger with pre-cleaner as a part of its clean and quality design.

The machine is powered by an AL H4C4 engine with a choice of world-class components that ensures a high level of performance and reliability.

845 C Graders:

CASE Graders are among the best-in-class ranges in the brand’s line-up with a commitment of return on investment for longer duration. The new C-series Graders are powerful machines with the FPT 6.7L turbocharged BS (CEV) IV diesel engine, which is electronically controlled. The intelligent hydraulic system with a load sensor allows operators to regulate the moldboard from the cabin itself, resulting in increased productivity and operator comfort. The motor generates variable Horsepower at 220 rpm – 193HP /205 HP / 220 HP and is ideal for mining applications.

CASE 845C Motor Grader is designed to provide comfortable operation from the ROPS/FOPS open cab. The cabin features an adjustable suspension vinyl seat and operator control for ease of accessibility and unobstructed visibility. It is also equipped with an electronic information centre that indicates Tachometer readings, Transmission modes (automatic/manual), Engine cooling temperature, fuel level and consumption, Engine and Transmission diagnostics and other features.

The Grader features a strong A-frame design that provides high strength with outstanding stability. Moreover, the cutting edge moldboard with 22mm thickness is ideal to operate on any suitable terrain. The machine offers an industry-leading flip-up rear hood for easy functioning of the ripper. The brand has made the machine effortlessly serviceable, so that maintaining it won’t be a burden for any customer.

All CASE Graders are equipped with modern features making them a perfect solution for infrastructure and mining projects. They are known for high productivity in any operating environment. 

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