COVID-19 vaccinated customers can avail 2.5% discount on premiums with Reliance Heath Infinity Policy

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COVID-19 vaccinated customers can avail 2.5% discount on premiums with Reliance Heath Infinity Policy.In move to promote preventive vaccination, Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd., is offering 2.5 per cent discount* on insurance premiums to customers who have taken the COVID-19 vaccines or Booster shot and other vaccines like Human Papillomavirus vaccine or Pneumococcal vaccine. Vaccinated customers buying new or renewing their existing Reliance Health Infinity Policy can avail this offer. Reliance General Insurance is one of the first general insurance companies to introduce discount on getting COVID-19 vaccinated.

Taking into consideration the unpredicted weather events such as the current cold wave in the northwest, the persisting threats of COVID-19, augmented by the recent surge in the COVID-19 cases, and other viruses, the Company aims to encourage its customers to get vaccinated as a preventive measure. By rewarding discounts to those who have already taken both the jabs or the booster dose, Reliance General Insurance hopes to ensure better customer health and wellbeing. Vaccinated customers who are in the process of either buying new or renewing their Health Infinity insurance policy can avail this discount over and above the other discounts applicable at the time of policy purchase/renewal**.

Reliance Health Infinity Policy offers limitless benefits; high sum insured up to ₹5 Crores, superior features like MoreGlobal Cover, Maternity Cover, OPD Cover, unlimited restoration of sum insured, and fifteen plus useful add-on benefits and many discounts. It also offers India’s first Credit Score based discount on premium to reward customers for being financially fit.

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