Employers intent to hire freshers rises by 30% in HY1 2022, 47% of India Inc. keen to hire extra: states TeamLease EdTech

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Employers intent to hire freshers rises by 30% in HY1 2022, 47% of India Inc. keen to hire more: states TeamLease EdTech.

TeamLease EdTech, one of India’s leading learning solutions provider, has today launched their flagship “Career Outlook Report”, for the period January to June, 2022. The report is an in-depth analysis of the freshers hiring sentiment across sectors and regions. According to the research, there is 30% spike in intent to hire freshers in H1 2022 as compared to the previous half year. While only 17% companies were keen to increase their fresher pool in H2 of 2021, more than 47% companies have expressed their intent to hire freshers in the in the current half year (January- June 2022).

Information and Technology (57% employers willing to hire) is leading as the top sector. From cities perspective, Bengaluru has emerged as the most favourable city for freshers with 59% companies keen to increase their hiring. Additionally Mumbai (43%) and Delhi (39%) are also the top cities for freshers. Apart from IT, another sector which has seen an up-tick in the hiring sentiment is Hospitality and Travel (by 2%). 

Sharing his perspective on the ecosystem, Mr Shantanu Rooj, Founder & CEO, TeamLease EdTech, said“It is heart-warming to see that despite the continued challenges of the pandemic, the inclination of companies to hire freshers continues to be on an upward trajectory. The 30% overall jump in hiring sentiment is a reflection of this growth. The economic revival and focus on growth are the key reasons driving the upbeat movement.”

“The initiatives taken on the academic front to create skilled talent by bridging the skill gap, is also aiding the hiring positivity. Universities are increasingly adopting technology amalgamated skill based vocational learning and apprenticeship linked degrees which will enable our youth as well as increase the confidence of corporates in freshers”, added Mr Rooj.

Deep diving into the skill sets that employers seek for, the report elaborates that Data Analytics, Investment Banking, Cyber Security, AR/VR and Content Writing will be most sought after, while job roles like Digital Marketing Executive, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Technical writer, Full Stack Developer and Supply Chain Analyst will be in demand.

Sharing her views on the skill requirements that are imperative for freshers to get the right jobs, Ms Neeti Sharma, Co-founder and President of TeamLease Edtech said, “As our report indicates, technical skills is what companies are looking for. However, we have seen an interesting shift over the last few years. Today soft skills are receiving the same level of attention. In fact, organizations focus equally or more on the soft skills as much as they focus on hard skills while hiring employees. When it comes to freshers, companies are on the lookout for candidates who are equipped with skills like Analytical Thinking and Innovation, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Attitude”.

The Career Outlook Report is a detailed analysis of highlights the confidence of the employers and their improved intent to hire fresh candidates for various job roles in their organizations. The report analyzes the hiring sentiment across sectors and regions. The report is also intended to guide and provide information to freshers on what to expect in the job market during the January-June 2022 period. It highlights the job roles in demand and the essential skills (core and associated) required for these roles. The report also highlights leading skill-enhancing courses that can act as an employability booster for securing these roles. The report is intended to be a source of market information that helps freshers acquaint themselves with current market trends.

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