Equitas Small Finance Bank Hosts Blind People’s Association in an Unforgettable Evening of Inclusion and Socialization

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Equitas Small Finance Bank Hosts Blind People’s Association in an Unforgettable Evening of Inclusion and Socialization.

 Equitas Small Finance Bank hosted an extraordinary event at The Leela Gandhinagar, bringing together members of the Blind People’s Association (BPA) and the Tata IPL 2022 champions – Gujarat Titans. This exceptional gathering exemplified Equitas Small Finance Bank’s commitment to inclusivity and its passion for the specially-abled talents.

Equitas Small Finance Bank gave a warm welcome to the members of the BPA with impeccable hospitality at the luxurious Leela Hotel and ensured their comfort throughout the event. The esteemed staff of the bank also interacted with the guests and gave them a unique opportunity to engage with the players of the Gujarat Titans, the IPL 2023 first qualifier team.

Elated to engage with the members of BPA, Mr. Vignesh Murali, Senior Vice President & Head – Marketing, Equitas SFB said“At Equitas, we are dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals and enterprises, with a strong focus on inclusive growth and social responsibility. We also encourage our customers to save now, and spend later by via multiple offerings that cater to a range of goals. We hope our ethos of creating a positive impact in the communities we serve was met by the shared moments of happiness and the memorable shooting session with photos and videos alongside the hospitality.”

The Blind People’s Association expressed their gratitude for Equitas Small Finance Bank’s initiative, recognizing the bank’s unwavering support and its role in creating a memorable and joyous experience. Supporting Mr. Murali’s statement, Mr. Paritosh Dave from Blind People’s Association said, “We were thrilled to meet and spend time with our favourite cricket stars, even obtaining autographs. This event will forever remain a cherished memory in our lives as it left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds with a sense of belonging.”

Equitas Small Finance Bank staff continued to provide exceptional care and humility and concluded the evening with a delicious dinner. This event not only emphasized the bank’s commitment to inclusivity but also highlighted its dedication to make the society more inclusive.

About Equitas Small Finance Bank Limited [ESFB]

Equitas Small Finance Bank is one of the largest small finance banks in India. As a new-age bank, we offer a bouquet of products and services tailored to meet the needs of our customers – individuals with limited access to formal financing channels, as well as affluent and mass-affluent, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and corporates. Our firmly-entrenched strategy focuses on providing credit to the unbanked and underbanked micro and small entrepreneurs, developing products to address the growing aspirations at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’, fueled by granular deposits and ‘value for money’.

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