Genomics has been a game-changer during Sars COV-2- Founder & CEO, Medix Global, UK shared insights in a discussion at IIHMR University

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Sars COV-2-

Genomics has been a game-changer during Sars COV-2- Founder & CEO, Medix Global, UK shared insights in a discussion at IIHMR University. IIHMR University a premier Health Care Research institution with a prime focus on delivering skill-based knowledge and about the future of healthcare post-pandemic organised a Webinar – The Future of Healthcare – The Role Digital Health Will Play in the Post Pandemic Healthcare Landscape.

The Webinar was hosted with a welcome address by Dr. PR Sodani, President, IIHMR University and Dr. Sheenu Jain, Associate Professor, Marketing and Chair, Centre for Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIHMR University moderated the event.

The chief speaker was Ms. Sigal Atzmon, Founder and CEO, Medix Global, United Kingdom. The points discussed were, the adoption of technology in health, post COVID-19 impact on the healthcare sector, virtual care as a predominant part of healthcare delivery and digital health in the new normal.

Dr. PR Sodani, President, IIHMR University said, “IIHMR University has carved a niche in the healthcare sector for over 36 years both in India and countries abroad and has collaborated with various renowned institutions for projects such as the WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and many more. With the immense havoc that pandemic has created in the lives of every human, we can now feel the incredible changes to healthcare happening with the digital ecosystem by data sharing. Pharma before COVID and how it may change post-COVID. With this session, we tried to explore how COVID-19 catalysed a global adoption of technologies around data interoperability and analytics – data sharing, digital health, and how being one global community, we could rise from such darkness.We are glad to have Medix Global, UK on our panel which has been doing excellent work in the implementation and sustainability of quality care and flattening the inequality of care. The organisation has been extending its support to insurers, corporate and Government related entities in their efforts to enhance their healthcare strategies and initiatives.”

Sars COV-2-

According to the report by IBEF in the first quarter of 2020, the healthcare sector witnessed a 50% increase in the volume where it was valued at USD 452 million as opposed to USD 398 million in 2019. 

Ms. Sigal Atzmon, Founder & CEO, Medix Global, United Kingdom, expressed her journey as an entrepreneur and said, “The healthcare landscape is undergoing a real revolution in India and around the world. This gives tremendous opportunities for those who have enrolled in the programs such as PG Diploma in Health Entrepreneurship. There have been many changes in the healthcare sector as they would give rise to many disruptive ideas during this pandemic. This is the time when many of the young start-ups would get an opportunity to make a difference in the healthcare segment through innovation and improving accessibility and affordability. Every start-up is a Unicorn, they must not give up and work hard with determination, discipline and stay motivated.”

Healthcare post-pandemic has changed where there have been health improvements right from vaccines, antibiotics, sanitation and nutrition. There has been a concern by governments across the globe on rising medical costs. People pay out of pockets for better medical services, however, it is important to make it more affordable and sustainable.  

Ms. Sigal further said, “New technologies, embracing digital health solutions have improved the accessibility of healthcare for all. Digital Health solutions have reduced the vacuum where the diagnosis has been a bit more accurate due to ease of accessibility for patients through doctors with global expertise. Governments across the globe must focus on reducing the out of pocket expenditure of people bringing in affordability and accessibility of healthcare services. We know we can collaborate, share data, we know we have different game-changers, AI, Genomics has been game-changer. Data sharing, clinical trials, digital health and community exchange of information made it possible to develop the vaccine in less than a year and was rolled out quickly. AI and Machine Learning have been collating massive data and have been useful in offering personalised healthcare. Government in India has been offering impetus to start-ups who have been in Home Care and has been further promoting Digital Health platforms quality-driven healthcare for all.”

Dr. Sheenu Jain, Associate Professor, Marketing and Chair, Centre for Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIHMR University thanked Ms. Sigal Atzmon to be a part of the discussion. She introduced IIHMR University’s Centre for Innovation and Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) which has five key areas as Teaching and Training, Research & Case Writing, Mentoring, Event/ Outreach and Entrepreneurship Eco System and Implementation Support to all start-ups. Dr. Sheenu introduced the PG Diploma in Health Entrepreneurship which is one of a kind in India which is approved by the UGC under the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). Dr. Sheenu said, “IIHMR University will be hosting a Grand Health Innovation Challenge which will be organised on 17th July 2021 where the last date of application is till July 10th, 2021. This event is inviting all health innovation ideas which would be mentored by IIHMR University at its CIIE.”

Ms. Atzmon further expressed, through data sharing, clinical trials, digital health we can follow up on complications, side effects, diagnosis and even offering correct diagnoses for improving patients health. Digital Health is more likely to change the way we live, work, learn, and relax long after the pandemic is completely over — and how the future of those innovations is likely to unfold with biometric sensing and robotic surgeons to carry out autonomous surgical procedures. 

Over 250 plus people participated in this webinar from. Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Australia Singapore. United States. UK. and also, from various other parts of the country.

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