ICICI Prudential Life’s Mobile App crosses 1 million downloads

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ICICI Prudential Life’s Mobile App crosses 1 million downloads. The ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Mobile App has crossed a crucial milestone of 1 million downloads, signifying the convenience it provides to customers to stay in control of their policies. It is a testimony to the innovative and customer-centric features available on the App.

The Company has upgraded its mobile app to allow customers to access information on their policies as well as initiate and conclude service requests even in the absence of mobile network connectivity. Now, one out of every four service transactions by customers are carried out on the mobile app.

Mr. Manish Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a boost to transacting digitally. As a customer-centric organisation, we have been leveraging technology to increase engagement levels with our customers and satisfy their instant gratification needs. Our innovative and upgraded mobile app is an always-on service touchpoint to serve the needs of our customers.

We have always endeavoured to drive innovation using new-age digital solutions and empower customers. The innovative Mobile App provides customers a secure mode of accessing information to enable them to be in control of their policies. The mobile app has been downloaded over a million times, and 1 out of every 4 service requests are managed by customers themselves through the app. To us, this signifies the convenience of anytime anywhere service it offers. The user-friendly interface has led to it being rated as one of the best rated apps in the Indian lie insurance industry on both the Android Playstore and iOS App store.

We have multiple layers of security and customers can login using the FACE ID, PIN or use the Fingerprint login route. The user-friendly mobile app is like a virtual branch in the hands of customers, allowing them to make premium payments, update contact details, intimate claims, and switch funds among other available service request options. The app has been designed in such a manner that customers can access information and conduct self-help service requests even in the absence of mobile network connectivity.”

ICICI Prudential Life began its digitalisation journey in 2010 and has been a pioneer in deploying new-age technology solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Optical Character Recognition. The digital technology solutions have enabled the Company to develop a robust platform which can be accessed from any hand-held device and approximately 96% of the Company’s new business is logged in digitally in FY2022. Also, during the same period 92% of service requests are of self-help in nature.

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