Jio becomes largest telecom operator in Gujarat

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Jio becomes largest telecom operator in Gujarat

Jio becomes largest telecom operator in Gujarat. In less than 4.5 years of time, Jio climbs to the top position in subscribers in Gujarat.

As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) subscription numbers ended on December 2020, Jio added 3.36 lakh mobile numbers in Gujarat and became largest telecom operator of the circle with total base of 2.54 crore subscribers.

Jio started its services in September 2016 and by end of December 2020, it climbed to topmost position in the circle. The Trai report reveals that the Vodafone Idea, which was the leader for about 25 years, lost about 1.62 lakh subscribers in December 2020. This led the operator to climb down to second position in Gujarat with total 2.50 crore users in circle.

Long back, Jio become the largest revenue generating operator in the state with over 45% of revenue market share. Now this time, Jio has become the largest operator with highest number of customer market share of 37.51%.

In the month of December 2020, apart from Jio, it was only Airtel which posted positive growth 2.55 lakh subscribers in the state. With total 1.14 crore user base, Airtel has 16.88% of customer market share. The state-owned telecom company, BSNL lost about 2.20 lakh subscribers in the period. By end of December 2020, BSNL had 8.69% customer market share with total 58.91 lakh subscribers in the circle.

Thanks to Jio and Airtel, the total net additions of mobile numbers in Gujarat increased by 2.09 lakh, totaling to 6.77 crore mobile subscribers in Gujarat in December 2020. Of the total subscribers in Gujarat, Jio and Vodafone Idea together have the share of 74.42%.

Nationally too, Airtel and Jio were the only gainers of new customers in December. Airtel led the mobile segment with an addition of over 40 lakh new customers and Jio added 4.78 lakh new customers.

However, total subscriber base in the country fell marginally to 115 crore in December 2020 with Vodafone Idea, BSNL and MTNL losing the bulk of their customers.

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