Kalyani Powertrain Ltd. to drive growth and sustainable development at Bharat Forge Ltd.

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Kalyani Powertrain Ltd. to drive growth and sustainable development at Bharat Forge Ltd.

Kalyani Powertrain Ltd. to drive growth and sustainable development at Bharat Forge Ltd. Kalyani Powertrain Limited (KPTL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bharat Forge Ltd., is all set to drive the company’s vision for sustainable development, by investing in cutting-edge technologies. KPTL was founded in April 2021, imbibing Bharat Forge’s DNA of research and innovation. The product portfolio offered by KPTL includes a whole array of EV solutions for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger cars, buses and trucks, ranging from providing selected sub-systems to complete electric powertrain solutions.  

Bharat Forge integrated all E-Mobility-related operations under Kalyani Powertrain Limited (KPTL), to develop greater synergy, with a cohesive strategy to offer industry-leading products and technologies that are cost competitive with a focus on net-zero emission transport solutions worldwide. Today, KPTL has formalized its E-Mobility strategy, keeping in mind the needs of both domestic and international markets and customers. KPTL has achieved great strides in Product Development across a variety of Power and Control Electronic systems in the EV space. To assure sustained growth with a long-term view, investments have been made in advanced e-Mobility technologies. BFL together with its subsidiary KPTL, has qualified for the Advanced Automotive Technology (AAT) product range under the Government of India’s PLI initiative earlier this year.

KPTL is working on three different business verticals including the Re-Powering of Commercial Vehicles, especially goods carriers. There is a large scope to offset fossil fuel emissions and reduce costs for the middle mile transport vehicles, by repowering them with Electrified Powertrain.  KPTL’s purpose built Electric Powertrain solutions address such demand very efficiently and smartly. This will be followed by the manufacturing of various components and sub-systems such as DC/DC converters, EV transmissions and e-Axles, Traction Motors and Controllers, On-Board Chargers, Vehicle Control Units, to name a few.   Considering the prevailing challenges in the EV Start-up ecosystem in India, KPTL also offers White label manufacturing services for 2-Wheeler and 3-Wheeler start-ups which will enable them to smoothly ramp-up, to meet the demands of market volumes. Such services are already being offered to the 2-Wheeler start-up company, Tork Motors for its two-wheeler motorbikes.

Today, KPTL’s dedicated R&D and technology teams have developed expertise in relevant hardware, software, and integration for electric 2/3 Wheelers, Commercial Vehicles for Goods and Passenger transport, Passenger cars, and off-road equipment. Bharat Forge’s strategic investments in Tevva Motors, UK; Tork Motors, India; and REFU Drive GmbH, Germany has worked as a catalyst to drive innovation and superior results for KPTL.

Speaking about Kalyani Powertrain Ltd., Amit Kalyani, Deputy Managing Director, Bharat Forge Ltd. said, “We have a three-pronged play in the e-Mobility space. First is the India play – Low voltage 2W-3W supply chain. The second is the global light-weighting opportunity where we have made large investments. We expect to see large growth, which will start ramping up from 2023-24 and continue till 2030 and beyond. The third is the power and control electronic products, that are being developed between India, Germany and the US which will grow our business exponentially.  A complete suite of products will be offered with components, systems, and subsystems for CVs with GVW range between 3 to 14 Metric Tonnes.”

Through strategic investments and a dedicated team with experience in several sectors, KPTL has created considerable competence in clean and zero-emission transportation solutions. KPTL aims to create a society whose mobility demands are met sustainably. KPTL aims to create mobility solutions for various fleet operators that are Clean, Green and Economical.

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