KLFF concluded on a high note with free-flowing thoughts, gripping discussions

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KLFF concluded on a high note with free-flowing thoughts, gripping discussions

 KLFF concluded on a high note with free-flowing thoughts, gripping discussions. Karnavati Literature and Film Festival (KLFF) 2023 concluded on a high note with free-flowing thoughts, gripping discussions and contrasting views and peek into different perspectives. The four-day celebration of films, theatre, and literature – KLFF 2023 – organised by Karnavati University came to a fruitful end on Sunday. Karnavati University is a state private university dedicated to excellence in teaching and is focussed on interdisciplinary learning.

Popular actor and author, Mr Kabir Bedi shared his journey from being in the film industry to the world of books in a session, ‘The Adventure Life of Kabir Bedi’. “It is important to adapt to changing situations and workplaces and work cultures. That’s how you grow. I went with Rs 700 to start a new life in Bombay, aspiring to be a filmmaker and not an actor. We need to understand that every profession has a different work culture. I moved from working for the government to advertising in Bombay to the film industry and each had a different format. If you adapt, you survive,” said Mr Bedi.

The day opened with a discussion on ‘Understanding Thrillers’ by Indian film director and writer, Mr Navdeep Singh; filmmaker, Mr Mikhil Musale and founder of IFP, Mr Ritam Bhatnagar. Speaking about thrillers, Mr Singh said, “In a broader sense, all films are thrillers. There is always a need for audience engagement. Therefore, the script has to be a roller coaster ride. New twists going up and down are needed. Pace is another issue. The script has to move fast in a thriller.”

Director, Writer and Producer Ms Barnali Ray Shukla and Mr Manish Saini too discussed their journeys in a session titled, ‘Journey of Independent Film Makers’. “There are many independent filmmakers, but a few succeed. The time and patience required is much higher when you operate independently instead of operating as part of a team. Moreover, there are many roadblocks to successfully complete your film. Funding is a key challenge here. Therefore, the script needs to be strong because it will change the game,” said Ms Ray. 

Theatre artists, actor Ms Geetanjali Kulkarni and theatre actor, Ms Jigna Joshi shared their views on the changing formats of storytelling from ‘Natak to Netflix’. Sharing her experience of theatre and films, Ms Kulkarni, said, “Theatre empowers me as an actor and is very organic. But films on the other hand are not organic. One needs to adapt well to the medium. As an actor it is important to break stereotypes. I try even when I have to repeat roles.”

The fourth day of KLFF 2023 also saw a session on ‘Not Just Cinema’ by author and national film award recipient, Ms Rajashree and theatre actor, Mr Abhinay Banker. They spoke about the importance of reading up. “The youth does not read as much lately and even if they pick up reading, there are ample distractions which need to be kept at bay. However, it is very important to read to understand a particular subject in depth,” Ms Rajashree said.

Actor Ms Adah Sharma enlivened the audiences during her session ‘Andaz Apna Apna’. She spoke about the importance of training and acquiring necessary skill sets for the work one does. “Training in whatever field you’re working in is extremely helpful. I learnt from places I never imagined I would, while on the set.”

In a discussion titled ‘Kavishala’, Mr Ankur Mishra, author, poet; Mr Naishadh Purani, musical artist and Mr Kumar Manish, social media consultant, spoke about the role of technology in content creation. “In the age of information overload and easy access to it through the internet, technology plays a crucial role in ensuring the content submitted is authentic. Human intervention is surely inevitable but the role of technology in today’s times cannot be denied. Interestingly, regional languages, which have a lot of takers and a wider audience, are also finding space thanks to technology interventions,” said Mr Mishra.

Noted film Distributor, Mr Anand Pandit along with Mr Dhvanit Thaker, artist, actor, and former radio jockey, chatted during a session ‘Cinema Overall’ and discussed challenges of filmmaking in times when attention spans are increasingly reducing. “Since Covid-19, theatre has become an experience whereas watching films or series on OTT platforms is just another way of consuming data. Keeping viewers engaged throughout the span of the film is very difficult of late due to the short span of attention. The industry is going in two different directions as a result – making films for the OTT platforms and making those for the theatres,” said Mr Pandit.

Renowned actors Mr Vineet Kumar and Mr Chandan Roy Sanyal along with Mr Pagarav Patel, film producer, addressed a session on ‘Theatre, OTT and Cinema’. Mr Sanyal shared certain interesting anecdotes from the beginning of his career and his exposure to theatre. “While attending the National School of Drama after completing the day at college, I learnt about theatre. It was the first introduction to the world of cinema and art. Once I witnessed the performance of a German actor and I could observe while performing he was so immersed in the character that he was disconnected with the audience around. Acting becoming a mode of transportation and connecting with the character one is performing was a key takeaway in my career, which I live by till date,” he said.

Speaking critically about the importance of acting, Mr Vineet Kumar said, “Very few understand acting in India. People are drawn to popularity. There is a difference between personality play and acting. Acting is a very in depth subject and can’t be acquired overnight.”

Musician, Mr Shashwat Sachdev and popular singer Ms Shruti Pathak spoke about the Journey of Music through ages. The duo shared different instances from their journey of entering the music industry.

Noted author and columnist, Ms Shreemoyee Kundu spoke elaborately about ‘My Gender My Pride’ at KLFF 2023. Poet and actor, Ms Priya Malik and poet Ms Krishna Singh held the audience engaged in ‘Slam it like Malik’.

KLFF 2023 is a celebratory initiative that seeks to light the sparks of literature, film, theatre, folk, art and culture into a grandeur of fireworks through incredible creative encounters. The festival will witness engaging speaker sessions, interactive panel discussions, workshops, and a host of performances.

Shri Ritesh Hada, president, Karnavati University, said, “At Karnavati University, it is our constant endeavour to create platforms for meaningful discourses and dialogues over a range of subjects. As we embrace and engage with the constantly changing world in an age of social media and information overload, where attention spans are shrinking by the day, KLFF is an attempt to bring back the views and thoughts from storytellers, the writers and the original ‘content creators’ who have been relentlessly engaged in creative pursuits to seek and tell stories from a slice of everyday life, the world around us and even alternate realities.”

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