Mahindra Unveils Bolero Neo+ Ambulance, Priced at Rs. 13.99 Lakh

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Mahindra Unveils Bolero Neo+ Ambulance, Priced at Rs. 13.99 Lakh. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., the leading SUV maker in India, proudly announces the launch of the Bolero Neo+ Ambulance today. Built to fully comply with AIS:125 (Part 1) norms that govern the Type B Ambulance segment, the Neo + stands out for its superior OEM-level of build quality coupled with a versatility that will appeal to buyers in big cities, smaller towns and upcountry locations.

The Neo+ shares the same tough underpinnings of the Bolero Neo, launched in 2021, but with a longer wheelbase for a more spacious cabin and a more powerful 2.2L mHawk engine to suit the requirements of ambulance owners and operators across different markets.

The Bolero Neo+ Ambulance is priced at ESR Rs.  13.99 Lakh, with a Government e-Marketplace (GeM) pricing of Rs. 12.31 Lakh.

Mr. Nalinikanth Gollagunta, CEO – Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, “With the launch of the Bolero Neo+ Ambulance, we reinforce our commitment to nation-building. The Bolero brand has long served sectors meant to improve and secure communities and the public at large. Ranging from the Police, Army and Paramilitary forces, to government departments engaged in firefighting, forestry, irrigation and public works, all have relied on Bolero-badged SUVs for its robustness and performance in diverse operational environments. The Bolero Neo+ Ambulance, with its versatile performance, continues this legacy by expanding accessibility to healthcare services, especially for, but not limited to, those in the remote areas of smaller towns and upcountry locations.

About Bolero Neo+ Ambulance:

The Bolero Neo+ Ambulance is underpinned by the robust Neo platform and its Gen-3 chassis that features a high-strength steel body shell. The Neo+ Ambulance comes with the more powerful 2.2-litre mHawk engine paired with a 6-speed gearbox in a rear-wheel-drive configuration. This setup delivers a power output of 120 HP and peak torque of 280 Nm, assuring rapid response times in emergencies.

While it comes with a longer wheelbase than its parent platform, the Neo+ Ambulance is still compact and drivable enough to ensure easy navigation in city traffic, while its body-on-frame construction and high ground clearance make it suitable for upcountry terrains. By combining strength, speed and space the Bolero Neo+ Ambulance exceeds the capabilities of smaller van-based offerings and offers better practicality and efficiency than larger coach-based ambulances.

Special Medical Equipment:

The Bolero Neo+ Ambulance is built to fully comply with AIS:125 (Part 1) norms that govern the Type B Ambulance segment. Mahindra has equipped it with a host of practical features aimed at improving patient care and transport efficiency. This includes a single-person operable stretcher mechanism, provision for an oxygen cylinder, a washbasin assembly that facilitates hygiene and a public address system ensures clear communication during emergencies. Further enhancing its functionality, the Bolero Neo+ Ambulance includes a D+4 seating capacity within its air-conditioned cabin.

With the Bolero Neo+ Ambulance, Mahindra reaffirms its commitment to providing affordable, reliable solutions to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare sector.

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