Nila Spaces unveils future of urban living spaces in metaverse for anupcoming project at GIFT City

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Nila Spaces unveils future of urban living spaces in metaverse for an upcoming project at GIFT City. Taking Urban Living to the next level, the complex will cater to young professionals and entrepreneurs In the first of its kind event organised in Gujarat, Nila Spaces Limited on Saturday unveiled its upcoming residential project which is set to come up at GIFT City, Gandhinagar, on the virtual reality platform.

The upcoming project – a contemporary, swanky residential complex coming up at GIFT City in Gandhinagar which is poised to become a global financial hub — will take modern homes and urban living to the next level. Equipped with ultra-modern amenities, well-planned community spaces coupled with spacious homes, the upcoming project meets the bespoke living needs of the evolving professionals and is envisaged as the future of Urban Living in India.

Nila Spaces Limited is a progressive real-estate firm which caters to the evolving living needs of modern, urban professionals and entrepreneurs. Instead of merely presenting a plan and layout to its
potential clients, Nila Spaces Limited has walked a mile ahead by adopting the virtual reality technology to showcase their upcoming project so that potential young customers can get a 360-degree view of
the lifestyle apartments at the residential complex and its community spaces. The event venue was specifically designed and equipped with at least 70 meta oculus devices for patrons to get a complete 3D
experience of the upcoming project. The entire immersive reality experience was created by virtual spaces.

Mr Hemanth Velury, Co-Founder & CEO, VirtualSpaces, said, “In India, real estate has traditionally been a family-owned business. It is the second generation that has been educated abroad and is coming back to
take the reins from the first generation and they are pushing the envelope on adopting new technologies. Plus, the need to gain efficiencies even in functions like Sales & Marketing, has given a
significant impetus to greater adoption. Virtual Reality is one among them.

We will soon see the advent of 3D-printing, IOT to manage spaces, with the launch of 5G services in the offing. There will also be a huge focus on ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) using technology.” Some 400-500 people including business delegates, executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs experienced the upcoming project at the one-of-its-kind event.

“GIFT City is an emerging financial and business hub and is slowly growing into a diverse ecosystem for Indian as well as foreign businesses to thrive. In days to come, the zone will see more people,
professionals, delegates, and leaders from across the globe not just visiting but working here too. The government’s announcement of developing a township is only a natural extension to the setting up of
the hub. Realising the immense potential for developing ultra-modern and sustainable urban living spaces with a touch of technology,
keeping the urban young professional’s lifestyle at the centre, our upcoming residential complex is one of the most unique offerings. We want to give customers the future of consumer experience, where we
empower them to customize and visualise their homes better, using technology,” said Mr Deep Vadodaria, Director, Nila Spaces Limited.

The residential complex comes with a unique studio living in addition to one, two and three-bedroom configurations of apartments on each floor set up across two 33-storeyed, 117-metre towers.

The vertical green façade adds a positive vibe to the upcoming complex, with spectacular views and turns it into a unique landmark for the global financial hub of GIFT City. To ensure that the most modern approach to design and architecture is adopted to suit the needs of the urban youth, Nila Spaces Limited has roped in Blocher Partners India as the architects for design and architectural planning
of the upcoming project.

“The state government’s vision to develop a township and infrastructure within the GIFT City campus has opened a window of opportunities for world class residential infrastructure and community
spaces to come in,” Mr Vadodaria further added. The upcoming residential complex will not merely be a structure provided to the patrons, but it will equally be mindful of their evolving living needs. As a unique offering, Nila Spaces Limited has roped in ‘Quintessentially’ to offer concierge services to all its
members – a feature clearly complementing the on-the-go lifestyle of the young workforce. Quintessentially is a globally renowned members-only concierge club with at least 35 offices across the globe.

With at least a decade-long presence in India, it has collaborated with the most noteworthy real estate developers in the country for providing concierge services only in projects that are unique in their
offerings and are lifestyle-oriented in a true sense.

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