Olympics gold medalist Neeraj Chopra and TATA AIA Life Insurance campaign – #TataAIAKaBharosa

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Olympics gold medalist Neeraj Chopra and TATA AIA Life Insurance campaign – #TataAIAKaBharosa.

 Tata AIA Life Insurance (Tata AIA Life), one of India’s leading Life Insurance Companies unveiled its latest digital brand campaign ‘#TataAIAKaBharosa’, highlighting the significance of trust when it comes to taking the right decisions in life about securing one’s financial future. 

Tata AIA Life’s ‘#TataAIAKaBharosa’ campaign highlights the significance of trust, especially when planning for one’s financial future with life insurance. While trust can mean different things to different people, this digital first campaign captures the core idea of trust from an athlete’s perspective. It provides a glimpse into Neeraj Chopra’s trust in his javelin and training regime to succeed in the Olympics. The film creates a synergy between the trust placed by the athelete on his training and equipments and the trust placed on Tata AIA Life by consumers when choosing to invest in life insurance. 

The narrative is woven through the eyes of Tata AIA Life’s brand ambassador, Neeraj Chopra, and his journey from a talented, hard-working athlete into a global champion and pays tribute to the trusted enablers that were instrumental in this achievement. The film ends with the message from Neeraj where he urges people to believe in themselves and take help from trusted enablers, similar to how he trusts Tata AIA Life for best in class Protection and Savings solutions.

Venky Iyer, Executive Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer, Tata AIA Life Insurance, said “In life, many of our decisions are not just a result of detailed analysis but an outcome of the trust we place in others or in something. When it comes to solutions such as Life and health insurance, the ‘Trust’ factor becomes even more critical .  Hence, choosing the right brand and solution to ensure the financial security of our loved ones becomes a matter of trusting the one name that will fulfil its promise of protection at all times. Our latest campaign ‘#TataAIAKaBharosa’, highlights the trust that Tata AIA enjoys among its consumers given its rich parent heritage and demonstrated capabilities over 2 decades as a Life Insurer.”

Girish Kalra, Chief Marketing Officer, Tata AIA Life Insurance added, “The film is shot in warm surroundings and shows Neeraj emphasizing on the importance he places on his javelin and technique in getting the maximum throw in. It is an interesting take to show Neeraj in one of those reflective moments in life, away from the action at the field.  In the end, he urges all of us to believe in ourselves and take help of trusted enablers, similar to how he has trusted Tata AIA Life for best in class Protection and Savings solutions.”

Neeraj Chopra, said, “In sport and in life, I am a firm believer in the importance of being well prepared and life insurance is one aspect that can help us plan for future needs related to financial security, family protection and wealth creation. Through this campaign, I want to share the importance of trusting the right life insurance brand in order to secure your and your family’s future. I want to urge everyone, especially India’s youth, to think about this and take the steps necessary to ensure that your loved ones are adequately protected for life’s uncertainties.Just like I place trust in the javelin I chose and my equipment to help me win on the field, I believe in Tata AIA Life Insurance to help me plan better for the uncertainties and win at the game of life.” 

Over the last two decades of its existence, Tata AIA Life has built the identity of a Trusted Life Insurance solutions provider with its simple and transparent product offerings, customer-oriented service delivery and best-in-class Claim Settlement performance. An internal research recently conducted by Tata AIA Life, indicates that ‘Trust’ is the most dominant attribute in the minds of consumers when they think of Tata AIA Life Insurance.

Neeraj’s association with Tata AIA comes from his own experience and understanding of the need to trust a brand like TATA AIA Life Insurance for adequate life cover. The synonymy between Neeraj’s attritubutes as an athelete and commitment to his sport, highly resonate with Tata AIA Life’s core brand values of consumer centricity and a passion for excellence.

Last year, Tata AIA Life announced a multi-year brand partnership with Neeraj Chopra as its brand ambassador. This association was the first brand partnership to be signed by the champion athlete after his historic Olympic win. Neeraj, who embodies Tata AIA Life’s vision of enabling dreams and inspiring healthier and happier lives, will support Tata AIA’s efforts in offering the best-in-class life protection and health & wellness solutions to its consumers across the country.

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