Paytm Money brings institutional Trading Experience to Retail Derivatives Investors with launch of “F&O Dashboard”

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Paytm Money brings institutional Trading Experience to Retail Derivatives Investors with launch of “F&O Dashboard”. Paytm Money has launched the first-of-its-kind F&O dashboard in India, revolutionizing retail
trading experience in the derivatives segment. The dashboard offers tools that were previously available only to institutional level clients. Users can now easily find all data in the derivatives segment on a single tap and utilize it to make informed trading decisions.

The derivatives segment dominates trading activity in India, accounting for nearly 95% of trading value on exchanges. Retail participation in this segment has been low historically, but there has been a significant uptick over the past few years. However a major issue that persists for the retail investors is that derivatives data can be complex, and is usually hard to collate from multiple sources. As a result, retail investors are often at a disadvantage compared to their institutional counterparts.

The F&O Dashboard offers not only comprehensive derivatives data to the users, but also adds a layer of smart graphics, making the information very intuitive. Any information needed to make informed derivatives trades is available with a single click to the users.

The interactive charts within the dashboard encourage the user to explore further thereby making
it an educational process. The visual intelligence offered on top of comprehensive derivatives data makes the dashboard a very powerful tool for both first-time and veteran traders.

Key features of the dashboard include option-chain for both stocks and indices, open interest analysis, option greeks, and heat-map for futures positioning. If a user wants to look at Nifty Index options, she just needs to tap on the ‘Option Chain’ icon and it will display the Call and Put options at each strike.

Similarly, the heat map helps investors understand the long/short positioning in each constituent of a particular index, and helps them identify stocks that are positioned in a particular direction. The dashboard also offers performance of key global indices and institutional flow data thereby providing critical background information to the users.

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