SME IPOs! 150-200 companies could enter D-Street in FY24

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On the sidelines of the SME IPO Conclave hosted by Hem Securities in Ahmedabad  on Friday, industry experts predicted that the fundraising trend will continue to expand as more small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) planned to join D-Street in FY24.

In the fiscal year 2022–23 (April–March), Indian SMEs raised more than Rs 2,200 crore through the initial public offering (IPO) method, marking a year–over–year rise of more than 100% from primary markets.

SMEs raised this money by selling 125 issues between FY2022-23; in FY24, that number might potentially increase to over 200.

Hem Securities, a significant player in the SME IPO market with more than 80 SME listings to date, organised the SME IPO Conclave to inspire prospective business owners to list on stock exchanges and contribute to the success of India.

In 2012, the BSE and NSE each created their own SME platforms, making them the only two bourses in the nation to do so.

According to data from HEM Securities, 57 SME enterprises moved to the mainboard sector in 2022, and since the SME Platform’s debut, around 280 companies have done the same.

Enterprises listed on the SME platform on both exchanges have a market value that exceeds Rs 1 lakh crore.

227 business owners from Ahmedabad   who were interested in listing their companies and experiencing rapid growth attended the event.

Gujarat and Maharashtra will have the most SME IPOs in 2022, making up over 58% of all listings, according to statistics from Hem Securities.

SME promoters, renowned investors, stock market officials, merchant bankers, and financial intermediaries attended the conference.

The lecture focused on the growth journey after listing and the experiences of already listed companies, as well as how listing SME organisations may help release valuation and wealth development.

The purpose of holding the conclave, according to Hem Securities, was to dispel misconceptions that SME owners have about having their company listed and small and medium-sized business owners who have done the same.

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