Snapdeal adds more toy choices ahead of the holiday season

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Snapdeal, India’s leading value focused e-commerce marketplace, today announced that it has added 500 new toy sellers and manufacturers, to offer a wide variety and assortment with addition of 5000 toys on its platform. Ahead of the holiday season, Snapdeal worked to build a strong category of STEM and other educational toys, giving parents more choices to engage their kids with basic educational skills while also keeping them entertained.

“We have seen a strong, steady demand for toys on our platform. As kids stayed at home and parents looked for ways to keep them meaningfully engaged, we saw a surge in interest for interactive and educational toys ranging from STEM toys to DIY robotics to kids laptops and other learning instruments that incorporate smart technologies. Parents this year also bought more outdoor games and searched for screen free entertainment.” said Snapdeal spokesperson.

Given that there is still time for schools to reopen and children will continue stay inside, Snapdeal has further built a robust collection by consciously expanding learning based toys and activities that focus on skills development   like fine and gross motor movement, visual, tactile, and auditory language skills and those involving memory, social, creative, and thinking skills- all — at affordable prices.

Most of the toys on Snapdeal come from sellers in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. However, in recent times, the company has also onboarded sellers from smaller towns like Meerut ( for games like carrom board) , Saharanpur ( Wooden toys and piggy banks),  Manesar ( Science kits ),  Ludhiana ( tricycle and bicycle), Ramanagara ( Channapatna toys) and Bahadurgarh ( soft toys) .

Snapdeal’s top selling toys across age groups from 1-8 years include:

For children below 1 year, Snapdeal shoppers buy auditory, gross motor, tactile, visual toys that kids can explore by shaking, banging, and using the objects correctly. The popular toys in this section are Tumbler Toy, Kick and Crawl Gym, 12 Geometric Blocks, and Multicolor Toy Rings.

For children from 1-2 years, Snapdeal shoppers bought toys for auditory, language, motor, and thinking skills. Popular toys in this category include Fun Beats Jazz Musical Drum Set With MIC, Multicolour Plastic Cow Piano, Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Tablet, Alphabet Puzzles, Learning Sight Word, Wooden 3 in 1 Educational Double-Sided Board with Magnetic Marine Puzzle, Magnetic Learning Alphabets, and Numbers.

For children from 2-4 years, Snapdeal shoppers bought toys for creative, fine motor, language, social skills. The toys curated have exciting DIY options, colouring kits, Safari Rider Ride On, Multicolour swing cars, fish-catching game, kitchen set, among others to develop the pincer grips to pick up items, creative minds, understanding of cause and effect, and sensory processing to name a few.

For 4-6-year-old children, Snapdeal shoppers bought toys for creative, language, social, thinking skills. These include hair braiders, DIY products, and brain boosters, and creative activity sets. During this stage, shoppers also bought educational games and quiz games that help them develop an understanding of numbers.

For the 6-8-year-olds, Snapdeal shoppers bought the cognitive, fine motor, language, social and emotional skill developing toys. At this stage, parents bought competitive games like chess, monopoly card games, Sequence Board Game, remote control cars, scrabble, among others.

For children above 8 years, Snapdeal shoppers bought creative and construction skills, problem-solving and strategy, social and emotional skills developing games like building block games, construction sets, Pottery set, Superheroes DIY bat tank block set, cube puzzles.

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