Soch Group launches This Or That, India’s first e-commerce platform for start-ups

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Soch Group, a specialised consulting company for start-ups, has launched This Or That, India’s first e-commerce platform which will exclusively host start-ups. Founded by entrepreneur and angel investor, Rohit Mohan Pugalia, This Or That, will create a level playing field for start-ups in India with a host of benefits to help them scale efficiently.

As a platform which will exclusively host start-up brands, This Or That will provide these businesses opportunities for better visibility and greater awareness in today’s cluttered and competitive market. The e-commerce platform will also introduce specialised and affordable advertising avenues to cater to the unique needs of the businesses onboard.

Rohit Mohan Pugalia, CEO and Founder, This Or That, said, “India is today the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world. In light of the country’s burgeoning start-up industry, we are proud to launch This Or That, India’s first e-commerce platform dedicated to its powerhouses of innovation, start-ups. Not only will our platform create a dedicated and sustainable ecosystem for start-ups to thrive but will also provide customers access to the country’s freshest brands under one roof, helping the Indian economy grow each time they purchase from a local business.”

The founder’s ambitious goal is to leverage his own entrepreneurial experience and nurture other start-ups by guiding them through their growth journey. Partner companies can receive strategic counsel across various functions including inventory management, marketing, advertising, as well investments and funding, from the founder who understands the fundamentals of sustainably scaling a start-up venture on account of being an entrepreneur and a seasoned angel investor himself. Each brand listed on the platform will also have the opportunity to receive funding from the Soch Group which has previously invested in several promising start-ups across various industries.

This Or That, which aims to cater to India’s GenZ and millennials, will host start-up brands across multiple categories including fashion, lifestyle, beauty, wellness, food and beverage, home décor and sports, and some promising brands that will be retailing on the platform include Snackible, Prolixr, BrownSkin Beauty, The Meraki World and Misfit Panda. It will follow a meticulous selection process for partnering brands; in addition to having products that are unique, innovative, or interesting, the start-up should have been incorporated within the last ten years and have a turnover of less than 100 crore per annum thereby matching the eligibility criteria defined by Start-up India.

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