Sterlite Power commences aerial operations for its flagship Mumbai Urja Marg Power Transmission Project

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Sterlite Power commences aerial operations for its flagship Mumbai Urja Marg Power Transmission Project.

Sterlite Power, a leading private sector power transmission infrastructure developer and solutions provider, has announced the commencement of aerial operations to expedite the construction of its flagship Mumbai Urja Marg Project (MUML). To fast-track the completion of 400kV transmission corridor connecting Padgha to Khargar, which links Mumbai to the national grid, Sterlite Power has proactively deployed state-of-the-art lightweight helicopters to overcome the challenges of terrain and speed up material transfer.

The aerial operations will involve the movement of around 3000 metric tonnes of material over a period of 2 months. The lightweight helicopter AS 350 B3 with a load-carrying capacity of up to 1000 kgs per sortie will be pressed into service to transport heavy equipment and material across several locations in and around the Mumbai region. To carry out this herculean task, a 13-acre helicopter yard has been constructed to house and load the machine for sorties.

Sterlite Power’s Mumbai Urja Marg project is a vital cog in the Centre’s plan to fulfil the escalating electricity demands of Mumbai. As a project of national significance, MUML is being closely monitored by the Prime Minister’s Office via the PRAGATI Portal. Once operational, the project will have the potential to carry more than ~2000 MW of additional power to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Reflecting on the company’s unique use of technology, Manish Agarwal, Director & CEO – India Transmission, Sterlite Power, said, “Our endeavor has always been to use technology as a harbinger of greater good and development. The aviation operation MUML is a proactive step forward on our part and one that will significantly benefit MUML by reducing the turnaround time for the delivery of materials, thus, speeding up the project execution. With these innovative technological interventions, Sterlite Power aims to continue addressing the key constraints of time, space, and capital to deliver the toughest projects on or before time.”

He further added, “This is Sterlite Power’s seventh aviation operation. It is an exemplary showcase of the organization’s innovative spirit and testifies to our unwavering resolve to light up India’s darkest corners with reliable power.”

Sterlite Power is a pioneer in introducing some of the best global practices in the Indian power transmission sector, including the first-time use of helicranes for its mega project in Kashmir. It comes close on the heels of a similar feat for the NER-II project where helicopters were used to deliver heavy materials. In an ever-changing technological landscape, all efforts of the organization are directed toward achieving sustainable development.

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