Sweden-India Mobility Hackathon will tackle important issues regarding safe and sustainable transportation

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Sweden-India Mobility Hackathon will tackle important issues regarding safe and sustainable transportation. The Embassy of Sweden, the Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai and the Swedish Institute invite participation in the 42-hour digital

On February 26-28, 2021.The mission of the hackathon is to design, test and execute ideas for the future – with a particular focus on mobility.

Fanny Von Heland, Head of Office of Science & Innovation, Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi, said, “The global demand for safe and sustainable transport solutions is tremendous. I’m proud and delighted that Sweden and India are taking a leading role in developing and testing what the future of transport could look like. With the mobility hack we are giving students and entrepreneurs an opportunity to co-create and strengthen our already strong partnership. I’m looking forward to seeing what game-changing solutions we together can create.”

The Hackathon is led by the Swedish Institute with support from several Swedish and Indian partnersincludingstartups, incubators, research institutes, innovation cells, road safety organizations and companies in sectors of sustainability, automotives and transport.

Madeleine Sjöstedt, Director-General of the Swedish Institute,said, “Sweden and India have come together to tackle important issues regarding safe and sustainable transportation. Issues that affect us all. Leading companies, experts and top talents from both our countries have joined, and we are full of expectations of what ideas, solutions and connections this hackathon will be the beginning of.”

Sweden-India Mobility Hackathon: Changing the way we move!

Sweden and India have joined forces to tackle important issues regarding safe and sustainable transportation. Which is why this hackathon is a designer sprint-like event in which participants collaborate intensively on digital innovations to create functioning solutions to predetermined challenges by the end of the event namely – Lethal accidents in traffic, Safe and sustainable transport, Air pollution/ emissions from traffic sector, Infrastructure for connected vehicle and Sustainable logistics.

Students, entrepreneurs, innovation enthusiasts, developers, designers, creatives and mobility experts across India and Sweden are invited to participate in the Hackathon, to innovate and co-create on the topic of the future of sustainable mobility sector, to work on industry challenges and develop solutions and proof of concepts.

The participants will have access to a unique network of major Swedish and Indian companies and institutes and will work to solve questions based on open data sources.

The winners will get to pitch ideas and receive guidance from the partners to further develop, realize and implement their solutions. Institutions and universities are also invited to join as key partners in recruiting talent, providing guidance and supporting co-creation, innovation and sustainability.

Professors, Leaders, Engineering, Transport and Creative experts are also encouraged to enroll as Mentors whose aim would be to guide and support their assigned teams on the mobility challenges.

The theme has a strong connection to the Joint Innovation Partnership that exists between India and Sweden and the Sweden-India Transport Safety & Innovation Platform (SITIS) which was launched in February 2020.

Participation is free and Registrations are open till February 25, 2021.

Please visit https://hack.sweden.se/mobility-hack/for more details.

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