Toyota Kirloskar Motor Extends Battery Warranty on Self-charging Hybrid Electric Models, putting ‘Customers First’

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Toyota Kirloskar Motor Extends Battery Warranty on Self-charging Hybrid Electric Models, putting ‘Customers First’. In line with its commitment to encourage the adoption of electrified vehicles, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) today announced the extension of battery warranty for its Self-charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles (SHEVs) in India.

The warranty is extended from the existing three years or 100,000 kilometres to eight years or 160,000 kilometres (whichever comes first) for all its SHEV models – Toyota Camry & Vellfire, sold with effect from August 1, 2021. The announcement also coincides with the important occasion of “World Nature Conservation Day” observed across the world this day of 28th July. 

   In keeping with our principle of ‘Respect for the Planet’, Toyota announced the ‘Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050’ in October 2015 comprising of six environment challenges, including the goal to  achieve lifecycle zero carbon (CO2) emission that goes well beyond zero carbon emissions from our new vehicles and manufacturing activities thus reinforcing Toyota’s commitment to build a better, smarter, more sustainable future, creating a net positive impact on the planet and society. 

In pursuance of this guiding principle to realise carbon neutrality by 2050, Toyota continues to create and develop advanced technologies and provide world-class products and services that fulfil the needs of customers in the most sustainable manner. Building upon that experience, TKM has also continuously strived to introduce innovative schemes and offers to enhance customer delight.

TKM’s new 2021 hybrid electric vehicle battery warranty is the longest warranty period offered in the industry and is available to all the owners of Toyota SHEVs. The latest move is yet another initiative by TKM to catalyse the shift from conventional internal combustion engine vehicles to SHEVs and ultimately to a wide range of electrified vehicles as practical and accessible mobility solutions in the future. As a pioneer in hybrids and a global portfolio spanning all electrified technologies, TKM was the first carmaker to bring hybrid electric vehicles to the Indian market with products such as the Prius and Camry. Today, the Toyota Camry and Vellfire are successful in gaining customers’ confidence and trust in brand, encapsulate Toyota’s class defining self-charging hybrid electric technology, comfort, elegance and sustainability, thus paving the way for the adoption of other electrified technologies in the future. 

Sharing his thoughts on the initiative, Mr. V. Wiseline Sigamani, Associate General Manager (AGM), Sales and Strategic Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, “Toyota has been at the forefront of global vehicle electrification for more than two decades now. In India too, TKM was among the first automakers to introduce SHEVs in the market. Self-charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles, which have both a petrol engine and electric powertrain, are extremely environment friendly, while requiring no behavioural changes at the customer’s end. Hybrids can run 40% of the distance and 60% of the time as an electric vehicle with a petrol engine shut off, as proven in a study by iCAT, a Government testing agency. This gives hybrids tremendous fuel efficiency improvements of 35 to 50% and much lower carbon emissions. In India, over the years (cumulative), sale of Toyota Camry Hybrid vehicles alone has resulted in CO2 emission reduction of over 18 million kilograms and fossil fuel savings of over 7.6 million litres.

With customers being the first priority, Toyota has been unceasingly striving to offer diverse service schemes. Through the longer battery warranty, which is the most comprehensive coverage in the market today, we continue to bring many smiles and peace of mind to customers buying a hybrid electric vehicle and enhancing the momentum of vehicle electrification in the country.” 

Electrified vehicles play a critical role in sustainable development by reducing fossil fuel consumption, mitigating local air pollution and by helping to address climate change. Globally along with BEVs, SHEVs are ushering in a new era of mobility with growing customer acceptance towards more efficient, cleaner, and greener technology. Today’s consumer profile for SHEV is evolving, from early adopters and technophile purchasers, as they quell range anxiety, tackle the challenge of charging infrastructure while protecting the environment. Significant improvements in technology and a wider variety of electrified vehicle models on offer have stimulated consumer preferences. This will transform mobility in the years to come and shape the future of vehicle electrification.

TKM’s aspiration is to contribute towards mass electrification with ‘make in India’ not only for India but also for global markets. Toyota firmly believes that all electrified vehicle technologies are necessary to create a vibrant local EV manufacturing base, thereby hastening the pace of adoption of cleaner and more efficient mobility. Our electrified vehicle strategy centres on xEV portfolio of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) to suit the needs of the consumers and market.
Further, existing 4th generation SHEV customers (for purchases made January 2019 onwards) are being offered similar warranty benefits at a special offer price.

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