Woods At Sasan Launches “Baarish”- A slow, immersive monsoon retreat in the Sasan Gir Forest

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Woods At Sasan

Woods At Sasan Launches “Baarish”- A slow, immersive monsoon retreat in the Sasan Gir Forest.As the first drops of rain soak through the parched soil, the scent of wet earth suffuses the air heralding the coming of the monsoons. Woods At Sasan, a modern retreat in Sasan Gir, bears witness to the grand transformation as the forest casts off the warm browns of summer, and dons her shimmering and dewy monsoon greens.

Nestled in the forest, this modern retreat in the woods is the first of its kind in India – a luxury retreat that’s based on biophilia and is grounded in sustainable practices.Explore the perfect blend of nature and luxury with “Baarish” by Woods At Sasan: A slow monsoon retreat curated by the wellbeing, sattvic diets, nature and culture experts.

Experience the beauty of wilderness and nature in all its glory while you rejuvenate and unwind from the fast-paced city life.The “Baarish” experience includes among others, guided Nature Walks and Birding Tours, Monsoon Special Som Wellbeing Therapies, Sattvic based culinary experiences to nourish the mind, body and soul, Sound Healing and Lifestyle consultations as well as evenings spent in art and craft – pottery, movies, vintage car rides or a day experience in the village. With “Baarish”, truly enjoy the beauty of the season as you slow down over a 3 nights and 4 days stay and immerse in the soulful experience with the weather and feel the earth coming alive to enrich the senses.

Woods At Sasan presents a truly sustainable, immersive way of living with nature & wellbeing that can be integrated into daily life practices. For reservations and further details, please visit-

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