5th Edition of Abhivyakti – The City Arts Project by UNM Foundation Art installations roll eyeballs with their intricate detailing and symbolisms 

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5th Edition of Abhivyakti – The City Arts Project by UNM Foundation. Art installations roll eyeballs with their intricate detailing and symbolisms. The reimagined Greek myth of Icarus, scroll paining and the art installations that showcased intricate links between culture, biological identity and societal influences were put on display at the 5th Edition of Abhivyakti – The City Arts Project of Torrent Group’s UNM Foundation.

Samvit Joshi has presented art installation “21st Century Icarus” – the Greek myth of Icarus reimagined as an allegory for modern humanity. The Paper-Mache figure symbolizes the vulnerability and reckless progress of the present times. It serves as a warning about the consequences of relentless growth and resource depletion, echoing Icarus’ tragic tale and our own arrogance.

Oliva Saha has been working as a visual artist for the last 6 years. Oliva has placed “Episodic Narration On Designed Roll” as her art installation, where she showcases a scroll painting exploring the societal position of women. She tries to overcome the societal hindrance and the male gaze that creates boundaries around women. With absurdity and satire, she challenges these constructs, intertwining tradition with personal experiences through architectural patterns.

Through her visual installation “The Myth of Belonging”Dolla Shikder explores the intricate links between culture, biological identity, and societal influences, contemplating the effects of smartphones with a mix of fascination and apprehension. Her art explores how family, culture, and geography shape self-perception, breaking conventions to observe the interplay between personal identity and the world. Through transparent cotton fabric, she depicts the complexity of individual personality, symbolizing our multifaceted sense of self.

About Abhivyakti – The City Arts Project:  Unique and Grand Art Forms under One Roof

Abhivyakti – The City Arts Project is an endeavor of UNM Foundation of Mehta Family of the Torrent Group, which envisions making art an integral part of the social fabric, by enabling access for audiences without constraint of location, thresholds (physical and individual) and social or economic strata by free entry. 

Towards such a vision, the mission is to identify and support budding talent and then provide the appropriate platform for these artists of all genre to present their craft to the city and its populace.

Abhivyakti encompasses many myriad art forms ranging from dance, music, painting, photography, installations and theatre. Abhivyakti aims at bringing international quality art to the people, absolutely free.

The fifth edition of Abhivyakti is being held from November 24th till December 10th, 2023. This year 37 artists will present 106 performances. Further 50 visual arts will be designed and set up by 50 artists. 

The art lovers can log on to www.abhivyaktiart.org  for event schedule or Dial 7069104444/7069105555 for the performance of their choice. Entry is free.

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