ACC releases ‘Bhuj Ki Bhujayein’ short film to celebrate the 75th Independence Day

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ACC releases ‘Bhuj Ki Bhujayein’ short film to celebrate the 75th Independence Day

ACC Ltd. releases ‘Bhuj Ki Bhujayein’ short film to celebrate the 75th Independence Day. ACC Limited, marking its 85th Anniversary this year, is celebrating the heroism and valour of 300 women during the Indo-Pak war in 1971 through its short film called ‘Bhuj ki Bhujayein’, releasing today. The short film is inspired by ACC’s association with ‘Bhuj – The pride of India’ film which is a story of bravery, patriotism and determination.

The short film centralises nation building, ‘Desh Nirman’, which has always been an intricate part of the company’s vision. It is a symbol of how ACC has stood the test of time by building durable and sustainable structures. The company has built a strong legacy of trust by being one of the leading companies of cement in the country.

‘Bhuj ki Bhujayein’ showcases a true story based on the 1971 India-Pakistan war when the Pakistan Airforce had bombed the Bhuj Airstrip by dropping more than 14 Napalm bombs. The airstrip was needed to be reconstructed on war footing. The 300 local women of the nearby village stepped out of their homes and took up the practically impossible task of repairing the airstrip. Despite their lives being at constant risk, they built the runway in just 72 hours for the Airforce to take control. Their arduous efforts helped India gain a stronghold in the war, which eventually led to our victory.

The voice in the short film has been lent by the renowned actor Ashish Vidyarthi.

In the film, ACC’s packaging has been used as a canvas to exhibit the whole narrative of this inspiring story with every frame sequentially unfolding the story of pride. The story has been narrated through poetry by dedicating the lyrics to these women which describes their heroism of creating history, sheer hard work, fearlessness and nation-building spirit. This act of grit and resilience was a pivotal moment in the history of India which not only boosted the morale but also helped India win the war.

“ACC Limited has been instrumental in building a long-lasting nation and it is our responsibility to tell an ever-lasting nation-building story of nothing but sheer patriotism. Celebrating the 75th Independence Day this year, we want to further strengthen our commitment towards our country by taking inspiration from the epic saga of these women who created history. Our endeavour shall always be to become a strong partner and ‘Builders of Progress’ for our nation.” said Mr. Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD & CEO, ACC Limited.

All of the efforts of ACC are striving towards building a durable and stronger India which had been the holy grail of these women.

Link: ‘Bhuj ki Bhujayein

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