Anand Niketan, Shilaj is the ‘number one school in sports’ at the debut edition of SFA Championships Ahmedabad

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Anand Niketan, Shilaj is the ‘number one school in sports’ at the debut edition of SFA Championships Ahmedabad.The inaugural edition of the SFA Championships in Ahmedabad witnessed a triumphant conclusion, with schools leaving an indelible mark on the sporting arena. In the grand finale, Anand Niketan, Shilaj school secured its position as the number one school in sports” a testament to their dedication and prowess on the field. Athletes from Anand Niketan, Shilaj clinched impressive podium wins with 167 points while securing 14 gold, 12 silver, and 6 bronze medals, displaying unparalleled passion for sports.

The Championships Shanti Asiatic SchoolBopal taking the first runner-up position and Rachana School claiming the second runner-up award. These achievements highlight the fierce competition and commendable sportsmanship displayed by Ahmedabad schools, in the sporting fields.

In addition to the overall triumph, individual athletes from Ahmedabad schools distinguished themselves on the podium. The coveted ‘Golden Girl’ title was shared between Azka Sareshwala from Udgam School for Children who secured 3 Gold & 2 Silver medals in Swimming across categories including freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and individual medley; and Reyna  Chaturvedi from The Riverside School who secured 2 gold Medals in Athletics and Football.. Meanwhile, Rivaan Modi earned the esteemed title of ‘Golden Boy’ by clinching a gold medal in swimming and silver & bronze medals in Athletics.

Ahmedabad’s first edition of the SFA Championships witnessed an impressive participation of close to 8000 athletes from over 370 schools, engaging in thrilling matches across various sports. The top sports that captivated the audience included football, athletics, badminton, basketball, and kabaddi. The championship showcased a balanced participation, with 70% male athletes and 30% female athletes contributing to the vibrant sporting atmosphere.

Prof. Abhijit Mishra, Faculty Incharge of Sports at IIT Gandhinagar, shared, “In the vibrant atmosphere of the SFA Championships, its truly inspiring to see the exceptional talent, determination and sportsmanship displayed by the young athletes of Ahmedabad. The inaugural edition has ignited the feeling of sports in the heart of players. SFA is prioritizing grassroots development and is continuing to serve as a catalyst for empowering talent and fostering excellence in sports, contributing to the vibrant sporting culture of our city. We eagerly anticipate the next edition of the Championships”.

The success of the 1st edition of the SFA Championships in Ahmedabad reflects the commitment and dedication of young athletes, schools, support of the sporting infrastructure teams, in promoting sports and inculcating a spirit of healthy competition. As the city bids farewell to this edition, it looks forward to future editions that will continue to inspire and celebrate the sporting spirit of its future Champions!

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