Astral Pipes unveils its new campaign to build preference for good quality pipes

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Astral Pipes unveils its new campaign to build preference for good quality pipes.

Astral Limited, a leading pipes and fittings manufacturer, has announced its latest campaign “Pipes Chuno to Astral Chuno”, which combines entertainment with informative content to raise awareness about prevalent practices that pose challenges for end consumers and plumbers.

With the increasing instances of adulteration in piping products, the product quality goes unnoticed, leading to potential damage to plumbing systems and buildings. The film aims to educate and inspire change in how people purchase pipes and fittings and stir conversation amongst the end consumers in this low-involvement category.

The ad film portrays three different pipe leakage situations in a quirky and fun way. The first situation features a couple watching television in their living room, the second situation is about a mother doing dishes in  the kitchen and the third is an employee in his parking space. All three face leakage problems due to poor quality and bad fittings of the pipes and blame their plumber for the same. The ad film further highlights the perfect balance of resin and filler used in Astral Pipes as per ISI standards making it India’s “Bharosemand Pipe” for last 25 years – “Pipes Chuno to Astral ka 25 saal ka bharosa chuno

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Kairav Engineer, VP Business Development, Astral Limited, said, “Our objective is to increase the involvement of all stakeholders to build preference for good quality pipes while the purchase decision is made. The film aims to build awareness about benefits of high-quality pipes and fittings and how it ensures the safety and reliability of plumbing systems.”

The campaign lands the desired message of how Astral Pipes are durable, strong and essentially the back-bone of a good plumbing system and buildings. The film will be promoted on the company’s website and social media platforms.

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