Atmos Power to exhibit in Mega Renewable Energy Expo

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Atmos Power to exhibit in Mega Renewable Energy Expo

Atmos Power to exhibit in Mega Renewable Energy Expo. Today Atmos Power has announced their participation in one of India’s largest trade expo and event for Renewable energy, which is scheduled to be held from September 28-30 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Atmos Power is a leading Green Energy company with expertise in manufacturing Gas Dehydration, Separation & Upgradation systems for Biogas, Syngas, Landfill Gas, Producer Gas, Natural Gas, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Methanol, and any other organic solvents. In addition to these systems, after supplying more than 95 Biogas Upgradation systems for compressed biogas plants across Asia, Atmos Power is considered to be an expert of this technology in the Asian Market.

Renewable Energy Expo 2022 is one of the largest trade expo and events, focusing on renewable energy (biofuels/biomass, geothermal, solar, wind) and energy efficiency technologies. The objective of the exhibition is to encourage the growth of renewable energy in the region by the usage of world class technology and products Mr. B R Singh Founder, Atmos Power Pvt. Ltd said, “We are pleased to be joining hands with Indian Biogas Association in the biggest gathering of the Bio Energy sector. It is a great platform to hear from industry experts and to contribute to the bioenergy sector by showcasing our
products and services. The Biogas industry is evolving day by day and we will work uncompromisingly for the growth of the industry by providing our biogas solutions and services.”

Gaurav Kedia, Chairman, Indian Biogas Association said “REI is a perfect networking platform which connects different manufacturers, industry experts, policy makers and influencers. IBA and all the exhibitors across India will address new ways of thinking and innovative partnerships to create solutions to help the bioenergy sector. IBA has taken a step to support the drive to reduce India’s carbon emissions and move towards clean energy. Renewable energy has a major role in meeting the energy demands of India, which is expected to reach 15,820 TWh by2040. We are encouraging the bio energy manufacturers to adopt the latest technologies and trends and contribute on a bigger scale in achieving the goal of a carbon -neutral economy by 2050.”

Renewable Energy India Expo for the last few years has become one of the largest platforms for national and international manufactures, traders, buyers and planners of the renewable energy domain to showcase their newer technologies, products and improve industry interaction.

The Indian Biogas Association (IBA) is the first nationwide and professional biogas association for operators, manufacturers and planners of biogas plants, and representatives from public policy, science and research in India. The association was established in 2011 and revamped in 2015 to promote a greener future through biogas. The motto of the association is “propagating biogas in a sustainable way”. The association is working with the German Biogas Association to foster the development of the Biogas sector in India.

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