Bring an incredibly immersive 3D sound experience at home with the AMBEO Soundbar

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Bring an incredibly immersive 3D sound experience at home with the AMBEO Soundbar

Bring an incredibly immersive 3D sound experience at home with the AMBEO Soundbar.

Extending reasons to celebrate togetherness, Sennheiser encourages audio fanatics to immerse in an incredibly immersive 3D sound with the AMBEO Soundbar this festive season. The AMBEO Soundbar packs a mighty punch, offering immersive studio-grade 5.1.4 sound and deep bass performance that brings stereo and TV sound to life. Crafted with the full immersion of cinematic viewing, the AMBEO Soundbar captures the essence of a theatre by delivering hyper-realistic three-dimensional sound powered by virtualization.

The AMBEO Soundbar is compatible with Dolby Atmos and features theUpmixtechnology that turns stereo or 5.1 audio into a 3D sound experience and blurs the line between playback and reality from a single all-in-one device. Crafted with perfection, the brushed aluminum design and minimalist details make it an ideal choice for the ones seeking design and performance in one beautiful bar. It further tunes in to the acoustics of a room with a calibration microphone and adapts promptly to reproduce deep bass with the best sound quality possible. It also lets audiophiles immerse fully into the on-screen action to enable a fully memorable 3D experience at home.Beneath its lacquered and brushed aluminum surface, the AMBEO Soundbar is powered by 13 drivers and the latest virtualization technology which was jointly developed with Fraunhofer IFS 

Sennheiser’s soundbar has been developed under Sennheiser’s AMBEO trademark. The AMBEO 3D audio technology program is dedicated to creating immersive audio solutions that deliver the ultimate in audio capture and reproduction to transform the way users experience content. Empowering listeners to experience and shape new perspectives and realities of sound, the AMBEO soundbar transforms every moment into supernatural audio. Acknowledging the need to invest in building a home theatre, Sennheiser is building a category for audiophiles to enjoy end-to-end 3D audio technologies and solutions.

The AMBEO Soundbar is built to provide an effortless and intuitive experience with advanced connectivity features such as built in Google Chromecast, Bluetooth and HDMI eARC/CEC .It’s smart connectivity allows users to personalise acoustic settings with Sennheiser’s Smart Control App, accessible for iOS and Android devices. 

Sharing his excitement, Kapil Gulati, Director, Consumer Segment, Sennheiser India said, “The pandemic has altered consumer behavior, leading to customers invest in smart audio solutions for in-home entertainment. This shift has led to people considering home theatre as a necessity than a luxury. Now, with the on-going festivities, new movie releases on OTT platforms, and some of the biggest sporting events taking place, people have realized the necessity to invest in a soundbar that provides an unforgettable 3D, spatial ‘as if there’ experiencefrom the comfort of their homes.The AMBEO soundbar is perfectly tailored for each room as it optimises the sound to truly place the listener in the center of the entertainment experience.Our vision is to make the people of Ahmedabad enjoy our offerings and experience with our premium channel partners.” 

Engineered to produce more realistic highs and lows, dimension, and nuanced details, the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar is available for sale at INR 199,990 with our selective premium channel partners Loud and Clear, RajpathRangoli Rd, Ahmedabad

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