BSE StAR MF reaches new highs, processes 26.65 lakh transactions in a single-day on 10January, 2022

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BSE StAR MF, India’s largest regulated Exchange-based online Mutual Funds Distribution platform, has created an all-new record.

With all mutual funds and distributors channelising their transactions through online platforms and despite the outbreak of Covid-19, BSE StAR MF has processed 26.65 lakh transactions on 10th January 2022 outdoing its previous best single-day record of 26.52 lakh transactions (on 8th November 2021).

In Dec’21, BSE StAR MF set a record processing 1.73 Cr transaction worth Rs. 39.144 Cr.

The former highestmonthly transactions 1.68 Cr was achieved in Nov’21.

Commenting on this, Smt. Snehal Dixit, Business Head-Mutual Funds BSE StAR MF said, “It is indeed great to see that more and more investors are investing in mutual funds through BSE StAR MF platform. It’s a win-win situation for the investors and mutual fund distributors. With immense strength, last 12 years BSE StAR MF platform has been able to consistently perform better as transactions are growing multifold.  Consistency in service and in-house technology is the core strength of the Platform.”

Overall, the platform achieved 137% of the transaction within 9 months which is 12.82 Cr. during FY 21-22(Apr – Dec) as compared to 9.38 Cr. transactions during FY 20-21. 

Some of the Key Highlights are: 


  • For Dec’21 it was Rs. 39,144 Cr. compared to Rs. 37,328 Cr. on Nov’21, a growth of 5% 
  • For Dec’21 it was Rs.39,144 Cr. compared to Rs. 34,287 Cr. on Dec’20, a growth of 14% 
  • Turnover for Q3 FY 21-22 was Rs. 1,19,780 Cr as compared to Rs. 80,540 Cr for Q3 FY 20-21, increase by 49 % 

Net Equity Inflow

  • For Dec’21 it was Rs. 6,610 Cr compared to Rs. 6,557 Cr for Nov’21, a growth of 1%
  • For Dec’21 it was Rs. 6,610 Cr compared to Rs. 973 Cr for Dec’20.
  • Net Equity inflow during Q3 FY 21-22 is Rs. 21,081 Cr compared to Rs. 2,376 Cr for Q3 FY 20-21


  • For Dec’21 it was 1.73 Cr as compared to 1.68 Cr for Nov’21 an increase by 3%
  • For Dec’21 it was 1.73 Cr as compared to 92.77 lakh for Dec’20 an incredible growth of 87% 
  • Transactions during Q3 FY 21-22 was 5.02 Cr as compared to 2.44 Cr during Q3 FY 20-21, tremendous growth by 106% 

New SIP Registrations:

  • For Dec’21 the platform registered 9.17 lakh new SIPs amounting to Rs. 212 Cr.
  • For Nov’21 the platform registered 9.06 lakh new SIPs amounting to Rs. 207.91 Cr.  


  • Distributor network has seen multi-fold increase to 71,382 (as on December 2021). 

BSE StAR MF App (StAR MF Mobility) has processed over 45.13 lakh transactions since its launch, amounting to Rs. 18,069 Cr as on Dec 2021. The app was launched to help Mutual Fund Distributors register clients on real-time basis and execute paperless transactions. Because of the superior support system and distribution reach of BSE StAR MF, the platform has grown exponentially with network of over 71,382 distributors in India. 

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