CDSL reports 22% increase in quarterly profit after tax

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CDSL reports 22% increase in quarterly profit after tax.Central Depository Services (India) Limited (“CDSL”), Asia’s first and only listed depository, announced its audited consolidated and standalone financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2022.

Business performance Highlights

ü  CDSL became the first depository to register 6.85 crore demat accounts in June 2022.

ü  55 lakh demat accounts were opened in Q1 FY22-23, as compared to 62 lakhs in Q1 FY21-22.

ü  Value of Securities in Demat Custody (in crores) increased to Rs. 33.84 lakh crore as on June 30, 2022.

ü  In the period ended June 30, 2022, your company through its subsidiary CVL continued to generate capital market investor records and being the first and largest KYC Registration Agency (KRA) in the country.

Management Comments:

Shri Nehal Vora, MD & CEO said “We are happy to present the first quarter of the new financial year. Our primary focus in the first quarter of this year remained on maintaining an organic and sustainable growth and providing diversified services. Our digital services for DPs, investors and other market participants have been delivering on the promise, of making it easier to access the securities markets independently and improve the experience for all market participants.

As India celebrates the 75th year of independence, while we find ourselves at a crossroad – a crossroad where the decision we make today will shape the future we build together. Furthermore, we reflect on our past efforts where we have spent years constructing this future that is defined by our steadfast commitment to a better India, our shared objective to empower every Indian through financial independence making them an ‘Atmanirbhar Niveshak’ and the opportunity to build a better economy for all Indians.

Considering this, our long-term goal at CDSL is not only to grow individually, but to also grow collectively as responsible contributors to the growth of our nation. To achieve the same, CDSL as a market infrastructure institution will continue to deliver on our promise of making the securities market a convenient and secured place.”

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