Club Mahindra unveils Club M Select

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Club Mahindra unveils Club M Select.

The flagship brand of Mahindra Holidays & Resort, Club Mahindra, has announced the launch of Club M Select, a privileges programme exclusive to Club Mahindra members that offer a curated range of experiences at unbeatable prices.

Members of Club M Select are eligible for special benefits on specific airlines. The initiative aims to provide the members with exceptional discounts, advantages and experiences 365 days a year. This will enhance the travel experience for all visitors, particularly Millennials who prioritise travel as a key desire.

Privileged facilities such as zero cancellation fees, date change fees, free seat selections, on-board meals, premium transfers, and access to airport lounges are offered in the programme. Membership provides discounts of up to 40% on more than 100,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. It offers discounts of up to 20 per cent and access to 300+ wellness resorts.

There is also exclusive access to 25 top-tier golf courses at discounted rates, as well as payback of up to 13 per cent on more than 12,000 five-star cruises throughout the world. Additionally, it offers a free one-year Zomato Pro membership. For your loved ones, you can even compile unique greetings from your favourite celebrity.  More in-store are discount packages for Sarva Yoga and a 15% discount on more than 70,000 foreign city tours and excursions. These fascinating offerings will assist you in evoking the thrill associated with organising an unforgettable vacation.

An exclusive privilege program offering amazing offers, benefits & experiences to Club Mahindra members 365 days a year! Club M Select is everything you need to make every occasion exceptional.

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