Covid-19 Patient rescued after having 120 day ICU remedy

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Covid-19 Patient rescued after having 120 day ICU treatment

Covid-19 Patient rescued after having 120 day ICU treatment. The Corona epidemic is currently raging in the world. Which has a huge impact on human life. After giving treatment for corona infection at Radiance Hospital in Ahmedabad, the patient recovered from a complex and intensive in 120 days.

The patient had no body disease when covid came positive. After covid returned from the hospital, he contracted fibrosis in his lungs, so the patient was referred to Radiance Hospital, which was referred to by senior pulmonologist Patient was was admitted under the treatment of Dr. Ajay Shah.

The patient was then found to have infections in other organs of the body besides the lungs such as the brain and kidneys. There was also a puncture in the lungs. The body became swollen and the muscles weakened. Fibrosis was placed on the ventilator, so that the lungs could undergo a complete respiratory process to correct the infection in
the lungs.

Then Dr. Paras Patel, ICU specialist of Radiance Hospital. Dr. Ankit Thakar and the nursing staff have a very important contribution. During this treatment, he also had convulsions / stress for which he was treated by the oncologist Dr. Devashi Vishana, Gradually the patient’s health improved.

Due to which the doctor after discussing with relatives decided to give all these treatments at home so that
the patient does not suffer from any other infection. Where he was treated at home for a total of 20

In which a team of ICU’s specialist doctors, officers and nursing staff of Radiance Hospital informed the patient every moment by video call to Dr. Ajay Shah. All types of antibiotics used in the infection are all used in this patient. A new drug of fibrosis has also been used.

Gradually a positive improvement in the health of the patient was observed. He is presently in good health and his
relatives have contributed to this very well. At such a time, any person is found to be mentally

Showing a very positive attitude in the case of this patient, the patient has shown complete trust and patience in the doctor and praised his treatment. In today’s era, it has been shown that it is possible to overcome any complex disease with the trust and patience of the patient and his relatives.

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