Infinium Toyota to convert 200 Innova MPV into ‘Ambulance Van’ for MPs & MLAs hospitals at subsidies cost

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Infinium Toyota to convert 200 Innova MPV into ‘Ambulance Van’ for MPs & MLAs hospitals at subsidies cost

Infinium Toyota to convert 200 Innova MPV into ‘Ambulance Van’ for MPs & MLAs hospitals at subsidies cost Infinium Toyota, one of the largest Toyota vehicle distributor agency in Gujarat, to provide 200 Toyota Innova ‘Ambulance van’ to MLAs, MPs and a few hospitals to contribute in the fight against Covid-19. The initiative is an effort to increase the supply and availability of ambulance for rural citizens.

The initiative by Infinium Toyota targets to boost the ambulance supply by converting Toyota Innova Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) into ‘Ambulance Van’. The interior is modified and fabricated to convert into an ambulance with an oxygen cylinder, stretcher and other devices fitted into it.

As a responsible corporate citizen – Infinium Toyota is extending support to the people of the state to make things easier for them as far as possible. Infinium is subsidising the ‘Ambulance Van’ by bearing cost between Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh per van, while the rest of the amount may come as a donation either from MLAs, MPs or by individual/citizen donor who may voluntarily sponsor it.

Ambulance retail price is Rs 24.50 lakh; after subsidising, the ambulance will cost Rs 20.60 lakh. For 200 ‘Ambulance Van’, Infinium Toyota to bear subsidy between Rs 6 crore to Rs 9 crore. “Everyone has been affected by this pandemic and the whole of humanity is giving a befitting fight to defeat this horrendous virus – COVID-19. We are also putting up our best efforts by contributing via ‘Ambulance Van’ which is currently vital lifesaving connect for patients with hospitals”, said Mr Ajit Mehta, Chairman, Infinium Toyota.

It’s a voluntary initiative to address public healthcare’s clarion call to support COVID-19 patients in rural and far-flung regions; for their transportation to the nearest District Level hospitals for timely treatment. Through this initiative we are trying to sure we are doing our part to “stop the spread”.

Our initiative will provide 200 ‘Ambulance Van’ to existing MLAs, MPs and/or hospitals. The purpose is to increase ambulance availability for COVID-19 patients’ transportation in rural areas, villages and far-flung areas.

Why are we providing it to MLAs and MPs?

After multiple consultations with doctors from district-level hospitals and experts from the medical fraternity; we found a high need for COVID-19 patients’ transportation in rural areas. We believe that having a piece of strong information, local knowledge, and local connections is crucial at this point in time.

Thus, MLAs and MPs seemed the best resources as they are well connected to their constituencies, which
will make things easier, quicker and effective delivery for the people. Infinium Toyota has begun voluntarily approaching MLAs & MPs and till date quite a few have taken keen interest and shown their willingness to take advantage of this initiative. Gujarat has 182 MLAs and 26 MPs.

“During this Covid-19’s second wave, people are adversely affected, especially the poor and rural citizens. There is a more need of medicine, hospital beds and other things; similarly, there is also a need for more ambulance, which is much needed in the rural areas. With this initiative from Infinium Toyota, it would be a great help for the rural population in this fight against COVID-19,” said Kirit Premjibhai Solanki, Member of Parliament (MP), Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

“This will also help MPs/MLAs to provide transportation of COVID-19 patients in the interior rural areas of Gujarat. There is further need to increase ambulance in the rural areas,” said Mr Solanki. According to Mr Solanki, there is a need for more such efforts from entrepreneurs to increase the supply of ambulance. “Infinium Toyota has also provided a subsidy on ambulance van. I would congratulate them for this initiative as this will help to increase the number of ambulance availability for the rural COVID-19 patients,” adds Mr Solanki.

The ‘Ambulance Van’ is pre-installed with an oxygen cylinder, stretcher and other primary facilities. However, subsequent refilling of oxygen must be borne by the MLAs/MPs/Hospitals as per the Covid-19 protocol. Infinium Toyota is confident that a society’s collective ability, where private entrepreneurs, MPs, MLAs, Hospitals, donors, and citizen’s voluntary donations will help us all come out stronger. Infinium Toyota is doing its part in social and humanitarian efforts.

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