Duplicated RR Kabel product seller busted, accused arrested

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Duplicated RR Kabel product seller busted, accused arrested.

The Kalupur police have raided and arrested a person who sold a quantity of counterfeit wires and cables of RR Kabel at a shop named Vinayak Electronics located on Gandhi Road in Ahmedabad. The arrest came post a tip- off which led to an investigation in the matter. The police seized 17 boxes of duplicate wires and cables and the owner Mr. Kamlesh Hashnanand Korvani was sued by u/s 51, 63 of Copyright Act 1957.

As a part of a USD 1.25 Billion conglomerate, RR Global, RR Kabel has been leading the movement against the plague of duplication and the sale of sub- standard products within the electrical industry of India. A pioneer in the wires and cables industry in India, company continues to endeavor to create best quality products using the latest advances in wire design and engineering.

Their products are also compliant to REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorization of Chemical Substances) and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives. The Company has also achieved extensive research and development to ensure their products adhere to global guidelines and standards.

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