HCL Presents HCL Jigsaw- India’s premier critical reasoning platform

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HCL Presents HCL Jigsaw- India’s premier critical reasoning platform

HCL Presents HCL Jigsaw– India’s premier critical reasoning platform. A US $10 billion leading global conglomerate, presents‘ HCL Jigsaw’, India’s premier critical reasoning platform designed to assess key 21 st -century skills in young (Grade 6 to 9) students and build a culture of problem solving in the country.

The registration for the championship is now open and interested students or schools can register themselves at by 31 st May 2021. The Pan-India competition will take place virtually in two rounds- Qualifier (24th – 27th June 2021) and Finale Participating students will get an opportunity to win prizes and gadgets worth Rs 16 lakh.

HCL Jigsaw

Jigsaw will assess participating students on 10 significant parameters under three primary attributes that can be characterized as key components of the problem-solving process. These include: –

Research Skills – this would assess students on how well they are able to define a problem, formulate an investigation / action plan and collect and organize information

Communication Process – assessthe student’s abilityto structure information in a coherent manner,and understand the context and purpose of any information given to them.

Thinking Critically – this attribute will assess if a student is able to interpret the information accurately, evaluate claims and draw conclusions.

HCL Jigsawwill be conducted in two rounds where the first will be aQualifier stage involving a Pan-India online -Olympiad.Students participating in this will get Multiple Choice Questions, each attributing to a facet of critical reasoningand problem-solving.

The assessment will be adaptive and the questions for the competition have been curated following international best
standards with the aim of evaluating students within their specific age-groups. All students from this round will receive detailed assessment reports of their performance on each skill, giving them a road map for improvement and development areas.

Top 20 percentile from each grade, will qualify for HCL Jigsaw Finale, which will involve working on a real-world,theme-based problem statement and finding creative solutions for the same. 12 students (three from each grade) will be announced as winners of the first edition of HCL Jigsawand will earn gift prizes and gadgets.

The winners will also get learning opportunities at HCL Engineering and Innovation labs by working on real worldprojects.

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