Hindware upgrades its Ondeo Evo iPro water heater

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Internet of Things (IoT) is driving innovation and changing the way consumers interact with devices. The
advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its mass adoption through wearable and home entertainment technologies is enhancing consumers experience with the products. With the objective of enriching our
consumer’s lifestyle and to aid in the upcoming winter season, Hindware Appliances has upgraded its state of the art product- Ondeo Evo iPro.

It is IoT enabled and voice controlled electric water heater that gives power back in consumer’s hands.
With this, the water heater is connected with wi-fi and one can control water heater from anywhere
with just a tap on a smartphone or through Amazon Alexa for a complete hands free experience using
voice commands.
Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo iPro is compact and stylish for
today’s modern homes and equipped with a beautifully
contrasting touch key display with LED icons that shows different
operating modes, water heating status through color changing
LEDs, water temperature, etc..
It boasts 3 pre-set heating modes and all new Auto Fresh Cycle
feature which enables the water heater to maintain hygiene and
be bacteria free, thereby increasing the appliance life.
The smart hindware appliances mobile app allows you to set
your bathing schedules, set temperature modes, displays time to
heat water, shows you the power consumption etc. Through its
scheduler mode, consumers can get the hot water ready for shower without wondering to wake up in
winters for switching it on.
This water heater has recently been upgraded with the geo-fencing technology, which identifies your
mobile phone in 4-5 km radius of your house and sets itself ready for the hot shower.
The smart Ondeo Evo Ipro is available in 10L, 15L & 25L capacities. It is also economical as it comes with
BEE 5 star rating. It is backed with 7 years warranty on water heater tank, 2+2 years on heating element
and 2 years comprehensive warranty.
Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo iPro 15L & 25L are available at Amazon.in. While the MRP is Rs. 18490 &
Rs. 20690 respectively, these models are available at special launch price for limited period.

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