ICICIdirect launches ‘Masters of The Street’ Premium Portfolio

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ICICIdirect launches ‘Masters of The Street’ Premium Portfolio. ICICI Securities (I-Sec), which operates ICICIdirect, India’s leading digital investment platform, today stepped up the game for its customers by launching a new offering – ‘Masters of The Street’ under its Premium Portfolio banner.

This offering is a unique investment avenue that offers a host of differentiated and exquisite basket of stocks, allowing customers to get the best of what the market has to offer and handpicked by India’s reputed Investment Advisors.

ICICIdirect customers will have access to specially curated equity portfolios by India’s reputed & celebrated Investment Advisors like Mr. Sunil Singhania – Founder, Abakkus Asset Manager; Mr. Rajesh Kothari – Founder & MD, AlfAccurate Advisors and Mr. Vikas Khemani – Founder, Carnelian Asset Advisors. Putting their extensive investment knowledge to use, these advisors have designed these portfolios which reflect their unique investment ideas and philosophies.

Mr. Anupam Guha, Head – Private Wealth Management, ICICI Securities said, “Investing in the capital markets is gaining popularity with a record number of 1.49 Cr demat accounts opened last year, which is more than 3 times growth over previous years. With this, a new community of investors are exploring the world of capital markets for deployment of their financial savings.

One of the big gaps we see today is lack of expert advice and handholding of these new investors. Many of them who invest in direct equity without any advice, often get disappointed due to wrong stock selection and lack of due diligence. With the launch of ‘Masters of the Street’, ICICI Securities is aiming to bridge this gap and democratize investing in managed equities. The beauty of this offering is also its simplicity in execution and investors opting for it can buy into their chosen portfolio in a completely digital mode.”

“After the success of our Premium Portfolio, where our own research-backed basket of stocks was offered, we are now happy to extend this facility by having renowned SEBI-registered investment advisors also curate stock portfolios for our customers. Currently four portfolios under ‘Masters of the Street’ have been made available on themes they believe would generate long term wealth.”

All Premium Portfolios are regularly monitored and if any rebalancing is suggested by the investment advisors, the same is notified to the investors who can then choose to implement it digitally.

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