India has become a hub of autism treatment in Asia : World Autism Awareness Day 2023

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More than 18 million children in suffer from autism, a neuro-endocrino-gastric-intestinal disorder.   

Ahmedabad-based Dr. Ketan Patel, who is considered a leading autism expert in India and has 30 years experience of treatment and research in the field, says that parents around the world visit India for the treatment of their autistic child. According an estimate, all around the world, one in 36 children suffer from autism. Out of various therapies, homeopathy has proved more effective in the treatment of autism. 

According to Dr. Patel, India offers best homeopathic treatment and diagnosis of synchronic autism in which genetic and metabolic factors play a very vital role. Added to this, India offers other required therapies for comprehensive treatment of autism. Morevoer, overall cost of treatment in India is less than 50 per cent in comparison to other countries. 

The United Nations has declared 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day. 

Dr. Patel, who has autistic patients in various parts of world ,underlined the importance of diet and physical exercise in the treatment of autism. 

Autism is generally referred to as a neurological disorder or spectrum disorder and the child can have many other problems and unusual behaviour. It may or may not be accompanied with mental retardation and other disorders. According to National Autistic Society, US one in every 1000 children suffers from Autism and around 18 million children in India suffer from Autism.

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