India’s first 4-axle Truck AVTR 4120 by Ashok Leyland

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India’s first 4-axle Truck AVTR 4120 by Ashok Leyland. Ashok Leyland, the flagship Company of the Hinduja Group and India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, today, launched India’s first 4-axle 8×2 DTLA Truck(14-wheeler) AVTR 4120 which has a capacity of 40.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). This new truck offers an additional 5 ton payload compared to standard 8×2 trucks with better TCO.

his new product will operate at 40.5 Ton with the lift axle down (Revenue and payload nearly similar to 10×2) and at 28 Ton with the lift axle up (lower fuel and operating cost similar to 6×2) during light load/partial load/return empty. This new product offers the customer flexibility to operate at large band of GVW from 28T to 40.5T with best in class Total Cost of Operation (TCO) benefits.

AVTR 4120 is fitted with 12.5-tonne dual tyre lift axle (DTLA) with Patented Parallogram technology – which ensures better tyre life. AVTR 4120 is powered with 200 HP engine with iGen6 technology offering superior power, performance and fluid efficiency.

This innovative product is positioned to change the rule of the game in long haul transport segment”

Key features and advantages for 4120 – 8×2 Truck:

·         Built on the latest AVTR modular truck platform, offering flexibility of multiple cab and feature options

·         It is powered by Ashok Leyland’s iGen6 technology which delivers better fluid efficiency.

·         It is available with 200 HP (700 Nm Torque) and 250 HP (900 Nm Torque) options.

·         It is available in cowl and 3 cabin options : N Cab, U cab, M cab

·         N cabin offers ultimate driving experience with Suspended cab with dampers, Suspended driver seat, Anti-roll bar in the front, excellent storage spaces, Full Metal Front Facia, Music system, AC & HVAC options.

·         A range of options available to choose from including maintenance free Unitized wheel bearings, slipper ended rear suspension and so on

·         It comes bundled with digital solutions like i-Alert (advanced telematics) , remote diagnostics – supported by 24×7 customer assistance Uptime Solution Centre and Service Mandi network.

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