India’s first Anti-Viral Frame launched by Titan Eyeplus

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India’s first Anti-Viral Frame launched by Titan Eyeplus , “ANTI-VIRAL FRAMES”, a new range of frames with anti-viral or anti-bacterial coating which fights germs. Safety and wellbeing has become the primary concern for all consumers today and new daily rituals now consists of sanitizing hands, products and surfaces.

While this Herculean task has become a habit most consumers don’t think of sanitizing their eyewear.

Titan Eyeplus addresses this challenge in front and offers a solution
with these new Anti-Viral Frames. Tested at NABL (National
Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) the
product has been certified to kill 99.99% germs and bacterial activity
on the surface.

At the heart of the solution is an anti-microbial coating which is
made up of nano needles (not visible to the human eye) which punctures
the membrane of the microbes which kills the bacteria. Keeping pace
with customers’ every need, even in confusing times like these Titan
Eyeplus strives to bring eyewear solutions backed with the trust of
safe products manufactured with stringent hygiene and safety

Introducing the need for the new lens category Mr. Saumen Bhaumik,
CEO, Eyewear Division, Titan Company Limited said, “Keeping a
real-time pulse on changing customer needs, expectations & pain points
and then rapidly innovating and delivering the right solution has
always been another dimension of our business. With the new Anti-Viral
Frames, we are presenting a solution which is not just safe but is
also convenient”

With 1 year warranty of fighting the virus these Anti-Viral frames are
available at all Titan Eyeplus stores and online at –

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