Installation of new sculptures in Ahmedabad transforms these crossroads

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Sculptures Made Of Scrap And Waste To Come Up At Nine Junctions As Part Of Beautification Of The City; They Will Also Give A Message On Waste Disposal

The civic authorities recently unveiled new attractions in the city. The installation of new sculptures in Ahmedabad has enhanced the public art scene and elevated the overall beauty of the urban landscape.

At the prominent Usmanpura Char Rasta, a striking sculpture touching a height of 23 feet stands tall. Depicting a boy holding a kite high above his head, this piece captures the city’s, particularly deep affection for the annual kite festival. Crafted from a combination of railway track wastage and 16 mm metal sheets, this five-ton sculpture captivates all passersby.

Not far away, near Panchvati, a captivating sculpture of a black bull has been installed. This artwork, weighing four tons, adds to the area’s allure, becoming a noteworthy landmark. What makes this piece unique is its creation from water treatment waste pipes. To further enhance the appeal, colorful lights will be installed, illuminating these sculptures and adding to their visual charm.

The AMC has planned structures made from waste and scrap at nine junctions in Ahmedabad as part of city beautification.
The brainchild of city civic chief M Thennarasan, mild steel pipes, valves, plates, other fittings and the like will be used to build the structures that highlights the Wealth out of the Waste concept.
The sculptures installed at the Airport Circle, near Pushpakunj, Maninagar, Usmanpura Cross Roads, Commerce Six Roads, Panchvati Cross Roads on CG Road, Pakwan Cross Roads. It will give a unique identity like the Ellisbridge that is made of iron and the Statue of Unity. It also gives a message of proper disposal of waste.
“The scrap being used in making the sculptures is 25 years old and the design, shape and forms to the scrap will be given by a city-based sculptor. ,” an AMC official told

Knowledge Hub sculpture is made at commerce college 6 roads in Ahmedabad city. This sculpture shows various streams of education and knowledge. This sculpture which consists of a large human head in an artistic way is meant to promote knowledge and education. This sculpture is made from scrap material. It is the world’s largest human head made out of scrap material. The weight of this is 7 tonnes and the size is 14’x14’x15’.

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