International Rating Agencies affirms rating with upgraded “stable” outlook for various Adani Portfolio companies

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International Rating Agencies affirms rating with upgraded “stable” outlook for various Adani Portfolio companies.International Rating agencies Moody’s (vide press release dated 13th February 2024) and S&P (vide press release dated 22nd January 2024) have affirmed and upgraded the outlook to “stable” for all the issuances for Adani complex issued in the international market by various Adani Portfolio companies.

This assures high credit quality with stable and predictable cashflows across all issuers of Adani complex. Adani Portfolio has the largest number of Investment Grade (BBB-/Baa3 and higher) rated issuances out of private companies in India and equivalent to India’s sovereign rating.

Additionally, Moody’s vide its press release dated 13th February 2024 stated that “the Group has completed a number of debt transactions, including refinancing as well as obtaining new loan facilities, demonstrating its continued access to debt capital at a reasonable cost. At the same time, several high-profile equity transactions by large institutional and strategic investors, such as GQG and Qatar Investment Authority, also demonstrated the Group’s continued equity market access.

whilst an investigation by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) – India’s securities market regulator – is still ongoing, the Supreme Court’s decision to entrust SEBI to complete the investigation on the Adani Group and the court’s view that there is no apparent regulatory failure attributable to SEBI have curbed the potential tail risk in a downside scenario.”

And S&P vide its press release dated 22nd January 2024 noted that “We believe the conclusion of most regulatory investigations into the Adani Group without evidence of wrongdoing has reduced downside risk.

Repayment of all promoter loans linked to share prices, equity, and bank loans raised by multiple group entities at competitive rates reflects restored access to funding. In our view, rated entities Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd. (AEML) and Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd. (APSEZ) enjoy good competitive positions, healthy cash flows, and adequate liquidity to meet their debt-servicing requirements.”

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