ITC Narmada in collaboration with Craft Council of Gujarat to hold a discussion on ‘Know Your Weave’ to mark National Handloom Day

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ITC Narmada in collaboration

ITC Narmada in collaboration with Craft Council of Gujarat to hold a discussion on ‘Know Your Weave’ to mark National Handloom Day.

To mark the National Handloom Day, ITC Narmada, a luxury collection property of ITC hotels, in association with Craft Council of Gujarat (CCG) will organise a panel discussion ‘Know Your Weave’ on Sunday – August 6. Supporting local crafts and letting the local culture thrive is at the heart of sustainability practices at ITC Narmada which is in line with ITC Hotels’ philosophy of Responsible Luxury. CCG represents the arts, crafts and rich cultural heritage of Gujarat, which aims to make heritage crafts native to the region, more relevant to the youth, while retaining its core essence. It is on a mission to celebrate and safeguard the rich craft heritage of Gujarat by empowering artisans, nurturing their creativity and enabling them to embrace innovation.

Revered textile entrepreneurs, heritage conservationists, weavers, art curators and hospitality industry players will be part of the panel that will discuss the evolution of the handloom sector which is an epitome of India’s rich and varied cultural heritage. The National Handloom Day has been observed since 2015 every year on August 7, when the Swadeshi movement was launched.

Ms Archana Shah, Founder, Bandhej, will be the chief guest at the Panel discussion. Mr Keenan McKenzie, General Manager, ITC Narmada, along with Educationist and Heritage and Design Entrepreneur Mr Abhay Mangaldas; Art Curator and Design Educator, Jaai Kakani; Faculty Co-chair of Creative and Cultural Business Programme at IIMA, Mr Anchal Jain, Founder of label Purvi Doshi, Ms Purvi Doshi and a weaver from Bhuj, Mr Dayalal Kudecha, will be part of the revered panel, who would discuss the importance of the handloom and heritage textile crafts in the world of fast fashion.

“Sustainability practices by supporting local art and crafts is at the heart of ITC Narmada’s philosophy. In fact, the architecture of ITC Narmada embodies the vibrant culture of Gujarat by drawing inspiration from the various heritage icons of the state. The glass bead (aabhla) and lippan artwork that adorn the hotel lobby ceiling are inspired by traditional Kutchi designs, which are revered in the modern world for their intricate pattern and aesthetic perfection. The façade also carries elements of local craft including an interpretation of the famous ‘Tree of Life’ at the Sidi Syed Mosque in Ahmedabad along with the lattice work and mirrors, motifs, and textile crafts – all of which are rooted in the land of Gujarat. ITC Narmada is indeed proud to be associated with CCG for hosting this discussion and keeping conversations around Indian handlooms and heritage textile crafts alive and relevant today,” said Mr Keenan McKenzie, General Manager, ITC Narmada.

The handloom industry is an important source of livelihood in rural and semi-rural regions in the hinterlands of India. Rooted in nature with its eco-friendly production processes with minimal requirement of capital and power, the handloom industry provides flexibility to innovate to meet changes in fashion trends and fast-changing customer preferences.

Ms Shilpa Patel, Chairperson, CCG, said, “The Crafts Council of Gujarat has planned a panel discussion on the subject “Importance of handloom and its relevance in today’s day and age” to retain the glory of the yester by celebrating it today and fostering appreciation for tomorrow. CCG aims to bridge the gap wherever needed to aid the growth of Gujarat’s cultural treasures, and this is its first step towards achieving the idea of encouraging responsible consumption in today’s world.”

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