ixigo Trains App & ConfirmTkt Featured In Top 10 Travel Apps WorldWide 

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ixigo Trains App & ConfirmTkt Feature In Top 10 Travel Apps WorldWide (AMER, APAC and EMEA) By “Breakout Downloads” as per data.ai .

 According to a new report $B!F(BState of Mobile 2022$B!G(B by data.ai (formerly App Annie), ixigo Trains App ranks #7 in the top 10 travel apps worldwide (AMER, APAC and EMEA) by $B!F(BBreakout Downloads$B!G(B on iOS app store and Google Play store in 2021. Further, ConfirmTkt (acquired by ixigo last year) ranks #9 in the rankings.

The report highlights that in 2021, emerging markets dominated global app downloads growth. India saw standout downloads and usage, ranking #2 in terms of downloads and hours spent in apps in the $B!F(BTop 20 Mobile Market$B!G(B list.

The report also signals travel growth recovering to pre-pandemic levels globally, with the second half of 2021 showing positive trends for travel on mobile. Downloads of travel apps rebounded by 20% in H2 driven by sharp increases from July — Dec 2021. India also saw an increase in travel growth compared to pre-pandemic levels, with downloads of travel and navigation apps increasing by 5% in H2 2021 compared to H2 2019.

According to App Annie, ixigo trains app was the 10th most downloaded travel and navigation App in the world in Q1 2021.In the past, the company has launched AI and big data-based features, including its 100% AI-driven, personalized travel assistant- TARA, Siri shortcuts, and an augmented reality feature, making it easy for train passengers to locate their coach positions at various railway stations across the country. The travel app has also launched an offline mode feature for passengers to check real-time train tracking in the absence of the internet. ixigo also offers news, games, videos and other entertainment offerings through its ixigo trains mobile app. ixigo mobile apps are available in 8 Indian regional languages.

Commenting on the company$B!G(Bs latest achievement, Rajnish Kumar, Co-founder & Group CPTO, ixigo said, $B!H(BBeing the only major Indian OTA in the top-10 Travel apps worldwide (AMER, APAC and EMEA) by $B!F(BBreakout Downloads$B!G(B, with 2 of our apps making it to the list, makes us proud! In line with our focus on the next billion users, we have developed several marketing campaigns targeting travelers from non-Tier I cities. With the overall improvement of travel and internet infrastructure in India, and Tier I to Tier II travel segment being the growth driver of the Indian travel industry, we expect increased travel from/to and between non-Tier I cities to drive growth in trains, flights, buses and hotel bookings.$B!I(B

Adding to this Dinesh Kotha, CEO, ConfirmTkt said, $B!I(BBeing the largest Indian OTA in the online train bookings segment for train travelers has helped us grow trust and word of mouth among our users and ecosystem. We anticipate that the sector will benefit from immense tailwinds with the easing of travel restrictions and the return of confidence among travelers who were travel deprived the last two years.$B!I(B

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