Max Ventilator supplies to over 8,000 hospitals across India as COVID 19 pushes demand for ventilators

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 Leading Indian ventilator manufacturer Max Ventilator has supplied
ventilators and related equipment to more than 8,000 hospitals across India ever since the COVID 19 pandemic pushed demand for the critical care equipment.

Max ventilator has boosted its indigenous production significantly as it stepped in to address the exigent needs of hospitals and patients during the pandemic.

Mr Ashok Patel, the founder and brain behind Max Ventilator said, “When
the COVID 19 pandemic broke out, shortage of quality ventilators in India was a major cause of concern.

Local production was insufficient to meet the expected surge in demand and imports meant exorbitant costs that would have understandably been
transferred to consumers.

To respond to this crisis, we quickly augmented our manufacturing capacity several-fold in a matter of a few months. We augmented our production from a somewhat modest 40 to a staggering 300 to 1000 ventilators
effectively amounting to a mindboggling 650 to 2400 percent within 6 months.

Not only manufacturing, we also worked aggressively to scale up out servicing facilities across the country to ensure seamless availability of critical care equipment to healthcare providers.

We are happy to state that we are today a trusted partner of over 8000
hospitals across the country and have been able to play a crucially constructive role in such trying times. The organization also used a lot of innovation in manufacturing to ensure products are competitive as well as affordable to Indian healthcare providers,” 

With a pan-India presence including some of the remotest locations in the country, ventilators supplied by the organization have already benefited around half a million patients across the country.

These include patients who received critical care in pre- Covid times.
Max’s flagship product Proton Plus, the Versatile Critical Care Ventilator, has proved itself to be a trailblazer and a market leader when it came to performance efficiency and meeting demand.

A low maintenance product with HFOT as well as non- invasive mode at very competitive cost as compared to similar other products in the market, it has been a much-in-demand product in recent months.

Max Ventilator has emerged as a shining example of an Indian brand scaling up significantly and rising to meet the challenge of an unprecedented health emergency.

Max Ventilator has not only made its presence felt strongly because of low-cost high quality offerings but also due to strong local service support. At a time when critical care is of utmost importance, the organizations instituted quick service support measures with resolution of issue provided in maximum two days.

The company worked aggressively to scale up its service support system in all states to ensure fast resolution of complaints. “At a time when accessibility and impeccable functioning are critical, we have worked
aggressively to address multiple pain points for healthcare providers.

For instance, some hospitals particularly in the eastern part of the country were facing service issues with older brands. However, purchase of Max Ventilator radically improved their service support.

Similarly, there were hospitals who were struggling with cost issues with
respect to imported brands. For them, we offered low-cost high performance ventilators with the same technical specifications as imported brands,” added Mr Patel.

Max Ventilator also has an extensive range of channel partners whose accessibility and range allows the company to penetrate those remotest and inhospitable terrain and areas where other players would find it impossible to serve.

The company’s service resolution system ensures that application-related issues can be ironed out over telephone itself while video call assistance is available for immediate and urgent resolution.

The company also boasts of a wide array of products for all purposes and needs: from lCU ventilators to Anesthesia ventilators to Emergency & Transport ventilators to Homecare ventilators.

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