NASA veteran amongst STEM leaders joining WhiteHat Jr.’s Future Creators’ Summit on Apr 24th to foster curiosity and creativity among young learners worldwide

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WhiteHat Jr., India’s leading EdTech company known for its live online classes in Coding & Math, announced the ‘CreatorSpace – Future Creators’ Summit’, a global event aimed to inspire students, teachers and parents alike.

CreatorSpace will be held virtually on April 24, 2021 and will be open to the general public (registration link:)
in order to generate maximum impact on the bright young minds of tomorrow. Dr. Jo Boaler, The Nomellini-Olivier Professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and co-founder of, Donald G. James, Former Associate Administrator for Education at NASA, Leonardo Ortiz, VP of International Partnerships at will lead interactive learning sessions aimed at 6-18 years old.

The event will be hosted by India’s leading television presenter and reality TV host, Mini Mathur, who is also a WhiteHat Jr. parent. The event will provide students with a rare opportunity to engage directly with
global STEM experts and learn first-hand from them across Math, Coding and
Space Exploration.

The summit will include the following 3 learning sessions:

● ‘Developing Mathematical Mindset’, a session by Dr. Jo Boaler, where she will speak about Brain Science and Growth Mindset while taking the audience on a visual journey through the world of Data Science.

● ‘Space Tech: Breaking the Myths’, a session by Donald G. James, where he will help students identify and break the myths around space exploration.

● ‘Demystifying AI & Coding with Purpose’, a code-along masterclass by Leonardo Ortiz, where he will simplify and explain what is Artificial Intelligence and demonstrate how coding has a major role to play in solving
several relevant issues today.

The event will also include an Awards Ceremony where students, teachers, parents and schools will come together to celebrate diversity of WhiteHat Jr students. The sessions will be interspersed with many live quizzes, challenges, polls and Q&A.

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