Nayara Energy’s Water Resource Management initiatives continue to drive Agricultural Growth and Transformation in Gujarat

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Nayara Energy’s Water Resource Management initiatives continue to drive Agricultural Growth and Transformation in Gujarat.

Nayara Energy, a downstream Energy Company of international scale, is committed to driving sustainable growth and development in the communities surrounding its Vadinar refinery in Gujarat. Through its Water Resource Management and Sustainable Livelihoods Project, Nayara Energy has successfully addressed the issue of water scarcity in over 15 coastal villages situated in semi-arid zones of Jamnagar, where soil salinity is high. This project has played a crucial role in driving agricultural development and promoting economic growth in the area.

Several initiatives such as aquifer recharge, farm bunding, pond de-silting, and deepening have led to a substantial increase in the water table. As a result, the overall water storage capacity of the villages has increased by 17.92 million cubic meters which is equivalent to 7,168 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This expansion has led to an increase in the irrigated area to 4,470 hectares, providing much-needed livelihood support to local farmers.

Commenting on the success, Mr. Deepak Arora, President, Public Affairs, Nayara Energy, said, “We are committed to creating sustainable and long-term value for the communities in which we operate, and our Water Resource Development Initiatives are a testament to our dedication to this mission. We are proud to have made a positive impact on the lives of farmers in Gujarat, and we remain committed to investing in initiatives that promote sustainable livelihoods and integrated rural development.”

The newly constructed check dam has played a crucial role in raising the water level in the surrounding wells from 4-5 meters to 20 meters. The development of community bore wells upstream of the dam has recharged groundwater, lowered Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), leading to water sufficiency for both household consumption and irrigation.

Nayara Energy has made significant strides in expanding its role in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over the years. The company is dedicated to ensuring that the communities in which it operates can thrive collectively. Through its various CSR initiatives, Nayara Energy has worked persistently with communities across multiple states, leading to long-lasting impact for all.

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