PNB MetLife Declares Highest-Ever Bonus of INR 768.6 Crore, Benefiting 5.52 Lakh Policyholders

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PNB MetLife Declares Highest-Ever Bonus of INR 768.6 Crore, Benefiting 5.52 Lakh Policyholders.

PNB MetLife, one of India’s leading life insurance companies, has set a milestone by declaring the highest-ever bonus of INR 768.6 crore for eligible policy holders. This bonus is 29% higher than that of the previous year and is set to benefit 5.52 lakh policyholders. The announcement reaffirms PNB MetLife’s commitment to delivering financial security for its policyholders.

PNB MetLife has a strong track record of delivering bonuses to policyholders of participating products over the past 19 years, demonstrating its disciplined approach to investing for sustainable returns. PNB MetLife’s strong fund management capabilities and experience along with its rigorous risk management practices have made PMLI a preferred choice for those seeking long-term wealth creation.

Ashish Kumar Srivastava, MD & CEO, PNB MetLife, said, “The INR 768.6 crore bonus is the highest we have given out till date, and this is a testament to PNB MetLife’s robust financial performance, sound investment strategies, and efficient risk management practices. It highlights the company’s strong position and our ability to generate sustainable returns for our policyholders. This bonus will benefit approximately 5.5 lakh PNB MetLife policyholders and enable us to assist our clients in building a more secure and confident future.”

PNB MetLife continues to drive innovation in the insurance industry, leveraging advanced technologies and customer-centric solutions to meet the evolving needs of policyholders. The company remains committed to maintaining its leadership position, forging strong relationships with its customers, and creating a secure future for all its stakeholders.

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