Research & Ranking launchesInformed InvestoRR

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Research & Ranking launchesInformed InvestoRR. Research & Ranking, India’s leading non-discretionary equity investment advisory firm and part of the Equentis Group, announced the launch of its revolutionary Fintech education platform – ‘Informed InvestoRR’. The platform aims to transform how one invests in stock markets, bringing everything about investing under one roof via engaging videos.

Industry expert Mr. Sanjeev Anand, Whole Time Director of the Equentis Group leads the initiative.

According to data provided by NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Ltd), there are close to 9 crore active demat accounts in India. Even if we keep aside the fact that investors may have multiple demat accounts, it is evident that only 6.5% Indians invest in equities. A large percentage of investors perceive equity investing as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme but the reality is the opposite of this. By investing in solid and growing businesses and holding them for the long term, investors can life-changing wealth; this is what the Informed InvestoRR initiative seeks to evangelize. Sanjeev along with his team of experts have created videos that cover interesting insights, provide crisp analysis, examine important developments, offering guidance in an easy-to-understand manner. Irrespective of whether you are a first timer or a seasoned expert, the platform will help you cut out unwanted noise, become better investors, and take profitable decisions. The videos will be available in English and Hindi. 

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Sanjeev Anand says, “In 12 years of our existence, we have observed that the same investing mistakes get repeated in one form or the other. The issue is not making these mistakes, everyone does, but the issue is when trying to solve these mistakes most investors go back and reinvent the investing wisdom wheel. This encouraged us to launch Informed InvestoRR – a Fintech education platform, which helps investors learn from the collective wisdom of decades from people who have been there and done that frequently. Informed InvestoRR will provide relevant, actionable, and highly researched content that will make an investor far more confident, far more informed, and far more equipped to deal with situations in the equity markets.”

Adding further, Mr. Manish Goel, Founder and Director, Research and Ranking says, “We strongly believe in educating investors and giving them the tools to make informed decisions. Informed InvestoRR will help Indian investors to put into practice the four pillars of investing and

core values we follow every day. We believe this will be a formula to success for investors. I am confident that Informed InvestoRR will empower Indians to create significant wealth by participating in the Indian equities market”

The platform delivers well-informed pertinent content in four broad categories as below:

Daily Insights that matter (DITM): It cuts through the clutter of daunting market news and opinions, keeping investors up to speed on the most important, significant, and relevant daily developments. DITM videos will be available on all days the markets function from Monday to Friday.

Gravitas: The second part of this transformative initiative will present advanced topics in easy-to-understand bite-sized videos that help investors connect the dots. It has four sections:

·        The Third Umpire: Much like the on-field umpire refers the decision of a batsman being ‘OUT’ or ‘NOT OUT’ to a Third Umpire who has the best technology, tools, and insights to make the right decision at the behest of the on-field umpire. The Third Umpire episodes deal with events and happenings relevant for investors during the week gone by. These episodes release once a week on Sundays in the first half.

·        The Master class: Masterclass episodes releasing once in 30-45 days are a collector’s edition covering aspects on Investor Education that no other platform delivers today. These special episodes cover very intricately woven topics blended to make it the perfect learning experience for investors.

·        The Studios: Studios are live sessions that will cover an event or a trending topic. In every session, the team will discuss the topic in great depth combining the presenter’s and audience’s perspectives too. The viewers/investors can ask questions and get detailed responses at the end of each session.

·        The Workshops: Workshops center on imparting investing lessons learnt with case studies, live exercises, one-on-one sessions, live Q&As,’ and live examples in the real world of investing that helps participants have a better grip and knowledge of common investing sense.

Making Investment Easier (MIE): MIE keeps the FIRST TIME INVESTORS needs and expectations in mind. This is available in two sections: ‘Upping the Investment Quotient’ and ‘Ask the Expert.’

·        ‘Upping the Investment Quotient’ is a step-by-step investment guide designed like a tutorial starting with the basics and then moving to advanced topics.

·        In the ‘Ask the Expert’ section, investors will benefit from direct interactions with the in-house investment pundits. They will explain how current events can impact investor investments and the measures one must take to safeguard finances.

Breather: Breather is a break from investing jargon, ratios, terminologies, and investing parlance. It brings unique stories across history, biographies, book reviews, business, and more.

Informed InvestoRR is available in the form of a website and a mobile application.

 Please visit: Informed InvestoRR:

Or, download the Informed InvestoRR application from Google Play store

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